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Values Portrayed in Popular Media Today Values Portrayed in Popular Media ENG 122 January 23, 2012 Values Portrayed in Popular Media Values portrayed in popular media and the reason is because their is always something going on in the media everyday. Also, the media plays a major role in the generation of the young children in the world today. What is media? “Media is defined as the means of communication for the radio, television, newspapers and magazines that reach or influence people widely”. (Dictionary. com) How is the media and influence on the generation today?

Comparing how it was when I grew up in my generation, with the generation today? How can we help change the mind of the generation coming up today? The generation today listen to the radio or either watching TV all the time, and they also live on the internet. The media portrays the generations today to follow behind rappers, TV stars and celebrities for our young children to look up to. According to a article I read on Credo, it states that “Many students of contemporary society believe That the mass media are capable of shaping consciousness in fundamental ways, and hat media influence on society is thus enormous”. (www. credo reference. com) The media to me influences our younger generation on the type of attire they wear, the attitudes that they have among their peers or parents. Also the type of language they use with one another. I am not stating that all celebrities are a bad influence, but you do have celebrities like “Lil Wayne, Drake, Nikki Minaj, Walka Falka, Kim Kardashian and many more out there. The rappers that I mention use foul language and disrespect women in a way that not cause for. The women in the industry being a movie star,

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Actor or singer are not very good influences on our young generation today. Most of the television shows that are shown on TV like “Teen Mom” are pretty much encouraging our younger women to go out and have intercourse because it’s okay. That is not a very good television show to have on TV for young women. You see when I was growing up you couldn’t speak how you wanted to speak to adults or watch what you wanted to watch. My mom had this saying; “Stay in a child’s place”. This generation today is out of hand and headed for destruction in a lot of ways. The generation to day doesn’t even compare to the generation I grew up in.

It seems like we as older people have lost a since of urgency to take back our younger generation for the media today. We need to protest more and organize groups and clubs to keep our generation out of trouble and away trying to be like what is portrayed in the media with all the music, television shows and celebrities. Let’s get more involved in what our children do on the day to day basis when we are bin their presents. We as a society need to find ways to keep our younger women from wanting to have intercourse and our younger men also. Youtube writer says: “Reality TV is a terrible influence to teenagers by the way they ct, violence, and the way women portray themselves. My goals are to educate teenagers and young adults to stop supporting reality TV which promotes violence and bad values”. (www. youtube. comReality TV Influences Teenagers. wmv) Media effects our views on life events and what is viewed as acceptable and what is not acceptable. Where adults may not be super effected, but our children are very easily influenced by it. Young girls are affected the most because the media plays a major role in how a young girl sees herself, cares herself and how she should behave.

So as you can see the media plays a major part in our lives and whether we realize it or not it does have an influence and a affect on our generation today. And the influence is not positive for them it’s negative. Popular media has a negative effect on our young generation today. For girls it glorifies unacceptable behaviors, sets and un realistic and bias standard of beauty. The media is just degrading to our younger generation all together. References Dictionary. com www. youtube. com Mass media. (2001). In Encyclopedia of Ethics. Retrieved from http://www. credoreference. com/entry/routethics/massmedia

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