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Totalitarianism Is a form of government that has total and absolute control over the people. Some people may believe that totalitarianism is the logical choice of government if the well being of a nation is at risk. However, I do not agree with this statement, I feel that totalitarianism should never be used under any circumstance. First off, totalitarianism offers no privacy at all, The citizens of the nation are watched by the government twenty-four-seven.

Everyone deserves their own personal privacy; they don’t want to be watched all the time feeling paranoid. Also, if they do or say something completely innocent but the government takes it the wrong way the person would Just magically “disappear” and never be found ever again. Another reason why I disagree with totalitarianism Is because In the past it has killed many people. For example, the Soviet totalitarianism killed more than twenty million of its own people. The Nazi totalitarianism caused a war in which ten million f Germans died.

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And let’s not forget that the Chinese totalitarianism caused the death of more than fifty million of their own people. Would you want to be a part of those millions of people? Some of the citizens that were killed may have been a threat to the government but killing them was a harsh punishment they could have lust been put in Jail. However, some of the people that were murdered were killed for pointless reasons, they were Innocent people and the government took their life away all because of totalitarianism. Even the people that weren’t against the government were still worried for their life.

Since, others around them were getting murdered even If they simply said “l hope the government changes the form of government. ” The citizens of the country had to use censorship when they would speak. Otherwise the government would become suspicious of them. This also caused people to become so paranoid that they would end up killing themselves. People could become so crazy and would get more and more paranoid. So, the easiest way out for them would be taking their own fife, so they could put themselves out of the misery.

I do understand that there are people that will disagree with me. They might think that totalitarianism Is the perfect solution for a country that Is at risk. Some may think this because a totalitarian government has the power to change laws, the economy, and everything else it needs to in order for it to make itself into the best country. Another reason why people might agree with a totalitarian government is that there would be no fighting between the political parties since there Is only one political party.

But, haven’t you people that agree with totalitarianism ever thought about all the cons, there are defiantly more cons then pros. Yes, the government might be perfect but what about the people that live in that country? People would not have the right to speak, be In a political party, or even chose their own religion. If totalitarianism takes these rights away from the people, of course the people are going to rebel against the government. Do you honestly expect people to support the 1 OFF Imagine if the United States had a totalitarianism government today.

Because of he modern technology, totalitarianism would be even more extreme then it has been in the past. The government would be able to spy on us by eavesdropping on our phone conversation, they would be able to watch us from our websites on our laptops, and they even have hidden security cameras that don’t look like a camera. These are Just some of the tools that they can use to spy of us, there are many other Nays they can do it too. Do you want strangers to see everything you do, everything {o say, or everything you write?

Do you want to give up all your privacy Just for the perfect” government? In conclusion, I feel that totalitarianism should never be used ever again, no matter what condition the country is in. There are other ways to restore a country; How do not have to take everyone’s privacy away. Some people may think that totalitarianism is a good way for a country to build a strong government. But I ask those people have they ever thought of the consequences? Totalitarianism takes away not only all privacy but also all happiness. Can you imagine living your life Introit happiness or Joy in your life?

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