The Effect of eBooks on Printed Media Assignment

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As printed books are being replaced by eBooks, several aspects of our lives also seem to be fading away s eBooks’ popularity keeps climbing up. Bookstores as we know them are technically doomed because of the migration to eBooks, the larger selection and convenience of purchasing books online. When say “doomed”, it does not mean that traditional bookstores will fully disappear; however, they have been hurt tremendously by their internet competition. I doubt that bookstores will rapidly fade away and disappear the way silent movies did when talkies were created.

However, do expect a great decline in the number of bookstores as many are closing own due to financial losses and bankruptcy. There will still be stores catering to those who prefer to hold a printed book and flip its pages. Also, some bookstore owners still find pleasure in selling and being surrounded by books. Many of these surviving bookstores will likely combine the sales of printed books with other products, such as clothing, greeting cards, snacks, coffee and other goods.

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Libraries have been lending out printed books and documents for centuries. The introduction of eBooks is going to be a changing force that will transform he very definition of libraries as we know it. It will probably take many years for eBooks to completely replace printed books as the media of choice for reading literature; however, the process is already happening. Libraries are currently including more eBooks to their inventories as the variety of eBooks titles become more and more prominent. An only expect that this trend will continue as readers become more available and better. Nowadays, the publishing industry is in turmoil. For centuries, the methods and practices of book publishing remained largely the same; however, today he publishing business faces its greatest challenge since the Gutenberg project, the digital revolution. Since the birth of the first readers in 1998, eBooks have had a major impact on the publishing business.

In 2006, eBook sales amounted to only around 0. 1 % of the overall revenue Of large IIS trade publishers. In 201 1 this figure was around 20%, which is a huge change is just five years. What will happen to the publishing industry? Will the old-fashioned printed book become a relic of a former era, an item only found in garage sales or second-hand bookstores, much like the old vinyl records? Will publishing companies be banished by a booming and powerful online retailers such as Amazon.

The truth is, there are many who will never drop the large up-front cost of a decent reader when they could instead pay only five to ten dollars for an impulse driven paperback at the local supermarket. There is currently very little “impulse buyer” market for eBooks. To conclude, I believe that the technology in eBooks still has a long way to go before it can be leveled with the readability and fullness of traditional printed kooks. However, they have characteristics that in some ways surpass those of printed books, such as being more open and available than printed books will ever be.

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