The Benefits of Junior High Education Through Social Media Assignment

The Benefits of Junior High Education Through Social Media Assignment Words: 613

The use of modern technologies and social media during the learning process is an aspect that Is being Integrated Into the schools globally. Although there may be resistance In some areas by the use of modern technologies and social networking In the classroom and as part of the development of a course it is also true that these modern tools such as Word Press, Backbone, Twitter, Google Plus and Youth, among others, can generate a lot of Interest In the students. Also, the use of these technologies and communication tools can help encourage the participation of dents during their education and become a teacher ally.

Today, most students are familiar with modern technologies and connected to various social networks. This suggests that teachers should be tempered to that reality. Also, be ready to develop teaching strategies to be In line with these trends, but always safeguarding institutional and academic objectives established by the University, Doing so fosters innovation, student motivation, group participation and creativity in developing this idea. Similarly, social networks could help in the development of research skills of dents.

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Social Media refers to a group of Internet and mobile APS that Integrate social Interaction, technology and involves the construction of content by sharing information, videos, pictures and audio through online communities encouraging participation and engagement. Social media has changed the way people work, live and play. Its changed the way we connect with our friends, family, colleagues and persons around the world. The questions is no longer should educators be using social media, but how can social media improve junior high education?

Although the airier between inside and outside the classroom has been difficult to overcome, new social media forms today are starting to break down the barrier and enable dialogue. Social networks. Instant messaging, blobs, and virtual words not only allow conversations but also rely on it. Many researchers have shown of social media’s benefits and attraction on students; One indicates that the students are substantial users of the Internet and social networks Like Backbone, Youth, and search engines and students indicate believing that the Internet is easy to understand, important, inefficient, believable and accurate. Rhodes, Iran, Tell, & Myers, 2008) Parker (2013) says, the essential mindsets for success are much the same whatever your role in education. Technology Like web, blobbing, social networking, resource creation and learning management play an important role. Improvement of Education Engagement Using social media and networking tools obviously has a social aspect to it, and it requires dedicated effort on the part of the user. To put it another way, using these tools for communication and Interaction requires student’s effective engagement.

Socializing also provides opportunities for emotional engagement. Implementing social media into the classroom will not only keep students engaged, but it can also be a medium to share important information with the students, their parents, the tofu research, create content, learn and share resources by using various social media platforms. Social Learning Bandanna’s Social Learning theory postulates People learn through observing others’ behavior, attitudes, and outcomes of those behaviors. Most human behavior is earned observationally through modeling: from observing others, one forms an idea of how new behaviors are performed, and on later occasions this coded information serves as a guide for action. ” (Bandeau). Encourage dialogue, reach more students Sometimes anything that can draw out reluctant teens is a good thing when the ago list to communicate. “One clear advantage of socializing across the Internet is that it is seen as less intimidating that face to face contact, and can allow shy students to express themselves more comfortably. ” (K. WALSH Emergencies)

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