System of Government Required in Pakistan Assignment

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This system of Government should not prolong any more as It Is not only wasting precious time of action but declining It to drastic situation even It Is generating such approach of nation which Is really horrible. We as a nation Is almost losing all human values, ethics and quality, we are having every worst attitude for which many nations were abolished from the face of earth by nature. We do not have national approach but just self survival at any cost.

All this is horrible for not even us but for our coming generations. The best system of Government is only democracy but true democracy not the dictatorship wearing skin of democracy. The best example of democratic yester of Government having closest example to Initial Islamic system of Government, and it can be said that may be the idea of American System of Government by a jurist Austin may have been taken from initial Islamic system of Government.

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There are many basics for better system of Government but I am incorporating here the only a few basics that all the three major piers of Government I. E. The Legislative body, Executive and Judiciary must be separate from each other and every two must have check over the third to keep proper accountability on each there and keep all the three piers within Limits and not to misuse their role. Also every one should be accountable and no one should have exemption.

Minimum Qualification of all the portfolio holders must be according to required competence for the forum and electoral system must be introduced by having one electoral per 25000 people who also must have some minimum qualification level and then for next members of lower house and upper house of legislation body must be elected by electoral as they be having better qualification hence may play role of Sahara, as In

Initial Islamic states the rulers were selected by Sahara and not by common people. The judiciary must be superior and not custodian. Then the Government machinery must be rationalized to its right size and over growth must be curtailed but the remunerations of Civil Servants must be rationalized and then be equated to some commodities like value of Gold, Fuel, Mutton and wheat etc. To keep it rationalized for ever after to bring the Government Servant out of corruption by compulsion.

All the laws, rules and even constitution Is needing to be reviewed by best Impartial and impotent jurists and all the defective laws must either be corrected or abolished, as the basic obstacles in Justice are poor laws and partial and incompetent machinery. Accountability, justice and writ of law must first be ensured by the executive and even in civil cases the crime doers must be punished in a way that they must observe laws while making their acts.

We must not have adapted parliamentary form of democracy as we did not have Institution of Crown. The basic Idea Is that this executive is from within the legislative body and the Judiciary is custodian and there re exemptions to many portfolios, also the voter only has criteria of age but not any education, hence either the procedure of electoral as in America has to be devised or there must be some minimum education level for to vote and it may be matriculation/Secondary level of education.

Rest for next time Just a basic idea. Basic Reforms Required in Judiciary and Judicial setup. Ere induction in Judiciary is also needing to be reformed as for Judiciary the induction should take place from very beginning level of Judiciary as in army and all there civil services and hence the articles of Constitution which devised direct induction at higher level of Judiciary on the basis of experience regarding High Court are needing to be abolished.

As the initially inducted Judicial officers have different temperament/attitudes in general and hence they remain isolated from society right from their induction, but their capacity building courses and passing of exams regarding every promotion and their proper scrutiny should also be part of their norms to be Judged for promotion. Also at bar level some fair mechanism of approval by silent voting can also be adopted for the panel to be considered for next higher promotion of any Judge.

As the practicing lawyers have many social ties in society of every kind then how by being Judge such persons can get out of such social ties and personal concerns. Also political and other maneuverings occur for the placement of ledges which are generally observed in society. Also any good and dynamic lawyer creates a lot pressure over lower Judiciary and they get suppressed that may he come Judge High Court or Judge Supreme Court and then be having all the powers over them as well.

Also generally such lawyers if not having good family back ground by becoming Judges behave very poor as well and play with others as a revenge in them regarding their regrets and even forget to observe the code of conduct applies over them. As it is known that according to code of conduct of Lawyers a Lawyer must behave as to be an example for others in society then it is much more is expected from the Judges.

Also the habit of taking money every day against cases can not be moored by being a lawyer, hence even many by being Judge could not leave it, and “hen by being a lawyer one keeps on taking vexatious stances and malign the facts n their cases then how by being Judge any such person can be fair? Also some strict code of conduct over the lawyers is also needing to be applied not by only the bar but by Judiciary as well and vexatious stances must be punished as under Sec. 35-A of CAP to lawyers and not to clients, as the lawyers wear black coat to protest the crimes in society where as all the crimes are protected by them selves as well.

So it can be safely said that the lawyers are crime protectors and they may not be caught here in this world but they may never be exempted before Allah. So to every part of our society we need reforms that we may not be needing angles to run but general people prove to be angles in result of better devised system and production of angles should start automatically in its result. We have to see the basic flaws producing any “ring in our society and hence root cause is to be addressed to achieve ultimate better results.

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