Some people think that the government Assignment

Some people think that the government Assignment Words: 486

Some people think that the government should provide unemployed people with a free mobile phone and free access to the internet to help them find Jobs. Unemployment is one of the most controversial issues of our time. It is a serious problem which needs to be addressed with urgency. Some people suggest that the government help Jobless people in finding Jobs by providing them with free mobile phones with internet service. This they say, Is a remarkable solution to decrease the rate of unemployment.

In my opinion, however, this method would not help eradicate employment, in general. To begin with, the government has many problems to give Importance to rather than spending the public money to something worthwhile. Supplying hand phones to every unemployed person Is costly for the government and Is a waste of taxpayer’s money. This Is because the money, Instead of being used to supply free cell phones with Internet, can be used for other purposes for the country.

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To Illustrate this further, the budget can be used to Improve the quality services of government hospitals and educational institutions to supply this agencies deed of additional facilities, or else, allot the money as social fund for the less fortunate or under privilege people. It is much better if the budget would be allotted to open some government positions or items of any government agency who lacks manpower. Furthermore, when hand phones are provided for free, some would want to take advantage of this opportunity. It is expected that they would make themselves lobules in order to obtain a mobile phone.

Others may even go to the extent of lying that they are unemployed to make hem qualify to receive a phone. In this sense, the public fund is spent worthlessly. Besides its usefulness in business transactions, it is also become a easy tool for immoral contacts. Eventually, the device might be used in making appointments and fixing venues for immoral purposes such as clandestine business dealings. In a positive point of view, when unemployed people have mobile phones that have access to the internet, they will be able to browse the net for more lob opportunities. For example, they can surf the Soberest. Mom and workload. Com for local and overseas Job hiring. Apart from that they can also do some research regarding job interviews and about the work on how they can prepare for them to be selected for the position. In this way, those without work with mobile phone, they will be able to find themselves an occupation for their survival. In conclusion, providing the jobless with mobile phones that are accessible to internet Is not a proper and the best way to trim down the rate of unemployment. I suggest that the public money should be utilized and must be spent wisely for the benefit of the society.

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