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Rental is a car rental company situated on the wondrous island of Mauritius. Being a tourist magnet country, swift express rental services adult tourists and citizens with up to date, exotic and state of the art vehicles for rent. To be used for the individuals leisure, pleasure and or business trips around the Island. With our head office located at Vases and several other outlets spread across the Island, we are only but a call away. Swift express rental was founded by late Sir Richard Broncos In the mid-legless (1985).

He was one of the pioneer tour guides of his time, erring tourists from point A to point B sailing boats around the island and showing off the Mauritania aquatic splendor to the tourists who came in search of adventure. Every once in a while he will use his old beat down beetle (Folks Wage). During the course of his services, development improved around on the island with construction of new road networks and Just then he decided to Invest his savings In buying cars, moving his business mainly to car rentals and thus became swift car rentals.

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Over the course of time Richard Broncos, expanded his business as his customers increased, buying more cars and employing more staff till he passed away in 2008. His son Peter then took over and was only able to manage the business for five years, business dwindling and loss of customers pushed him to sell the business. In 2013 a group of friends bought off the business, maintained the name but embarked on a rebinding campaign by buying new cars, renovating old office buildings, building new outlets and developing new advertisement strategies.

Realizing that days gone are the days of old where newspapers, television, radio and handbills were the odds operandi in information dissemination, swift express rental have upgraded their advertisement portfolio by introducing and delving into ‘Social Networking Strategies’ to help improve and bolster their clientele by reaching out to a wider, vast, and more specific target audience with the sole alma of improving their customer base.

According to the 2012 Social Medal Marketing Industry Report, 83% of marketers say that social media Is Important for their business. And marketers plan on increasing their use of Youth (76%), Faceable (72%), Twitter (69%), blobs (68%1 Google+ (67%) and Linked (66%) in that order. As more companies integrate social media into their marketing and communications plans, emphasis needs to be on creating a social media strategy. Without a strategy, there’s a very good chance you’ll lose sight of your goals, and not make the Impact you originally Intended.

Like every other modern day business organization, Swift express rental is no different in recognizing that information technology and information systems is the new trend of the 21 SST century, with its wireless network spanning the world and connecting over one billion users worldwide. Aims and Objectives younger, hip and vibrant customer base on the island employing social networking sites as its mainstream link to adult youths looking to renting a car.

Clear cut strategic decisions have been made and implementation is underway with prospects of creating a social media strategy that includes uses of but are not limited social networking sites such as; Faceable, Twitter, Wordless and Youth. Swift express rental plans to use this media to gain social presence, market their services on the worldwide web and also to make them easily accessible Just by the simple click of a Dutton any and everywhere on the island.

This social media strategies aim to achieve the following feats; Give Swift express rental an online presence Advertise Services Increase current customer base To create a means to receive feedback on customer satisfaction Enlighten customers about ongoing service promotions Creating an effortless link to improve customer/company relations The social media strategy objective are to; Improve swift express rental’s Google analytics Improve awareness of services rendered Improve profit margin by reeling in new customers To inform tourists of our services

Target Market Swift express rental’s target market for its services are; tourists – Who are new in town and need a car to get around the island, university students – Who are of the age, possess a driver’s license and want a car to go adventuring the island during the holidays or who even plan weekend road trips to the famous parts of the island, the working class – who have a dinner to attend or a business meeting to rush to and don’t have the leisure of owning a personal car or rather want to pull at that dinner in style with a sleek new ride, or even the aged who go camping, swimming at the each, visiting relatives every once in a while and do not want to put their personal car through the paces or maybe even need more space than their personal cars have to convey more people, the newlywed – who need that flamboyant car for the wedding ceremony complimenting their dashing attires, looking the part and rolling down in the part with an array of exotic cars to choose from, the couple – who want to get away from the hassles of everyday life and Just take a long drive someplace far to bask in the islands sun whilst getting their feet a bit wet.

Swift express car rental has everyone covered from the university student to the top executive of a company, leaving out only minors who are yet to be of age or yet to possess a driver’s license. But the general idea is that as long as you need it (a car) we (Swift express rental) would service you with a car that suits your lifestyle. Tools of Social Media Social media sites have over the years grown from a regular social networking site where people meet people or friends connecting with lost friends but has become an advertisement hub for organizations and enterprises to showcase their goods and services to the world at large. This 21st century medium of advertising has gained Namespace, Bebop, hi, Youth, Anapest, e. T. C.

As it has helped multinational companies and even small medium enterprises enlarge their customer base by constantly airing, mentioning or displaying their products on the internet which is viewed either actively or passively by a customer or potential customer. That is to say that an internet user can either directly look up the company in search of a service/product or the user might chance upon an advert by the company whilst surfing the internet and become enthralled in it. Swift express rental have decided to employ social outworking sites to ensure that their company is only but a click away when in need of service or to inform potential clients of their service. The implementation of this decision would garner them with lots of customers and highly improve communication between customers and company giving room for suggestions and complaints.

This social media plan includes the use of Faceable, Twitter, Wordless and Youth to promote services. Faceable It was noted recently in a research conducted by Smith (2013) that 1. 06 billion people actively use Faceable every month and with 618 million daily active users. Earth’s population is known to be a little over 7 billion human beings, this is to say that about 15. 2% of the world’s population visit this social networking site every month, setting the perfect platform for swift express rental to launch its bid for online presence. Faceable as an SINS has quite of number of features such as; profile, like, post, comment, share, picture, cover page, email etc.

And all these features give swift express rental the right tools to display the company and its service. A Faceable profile would be opened, where adverts, pictures and general information about swift express rental would be constantly updated. This profile would have a cover page, with the logo of the company as the banner as well as pictures of various cars in service, head office/outlets, staff etc. It would also be made engaging by giving out gifts through the amount of shares, likes and post users make on the page, giving users some sort of enjoyment Just being a part of the network. This will help get users to inform friends, family and also indulge them to add more fans to the circle.

Strategy A group/fan page would be created and friends and families of staff would be invited Active participation in other groups and random comments would increase awareness to other users Constant periodical updates and posts will create a means interaction between group members Key Metrics Number of ‘shares’ the posts gets Number of ‘likes’ the page achieves Number of ‘Tags’ the pictures acquires Twitter Launched in 2006, Twitter is another brand of SINS similar to Faceable in some ways but for the most part differs with regards to functionality. Unlike Faceable, Twitter can boast of a little over 500 million total users and Just above over 200 million active seers. Unlike Passbooks; like, share, poke etc. Ere there are terms such as tweet, rewet, follow, mentions etc. The concept revolves around a user profile having comment the followers get the message and more often than not, ‘rewet’ your post to their followers. Creating a Twitter account would hugely improve the analytics of swift rental express because, the more times a tweet is rewetted or swift rentals is mentioned it is recorded using Google analytics. Thus improving search engine optimization on the web, making it almost a given that when a car rental is being arched for via the internet swift express rental is bound to pop up. Placing the company above its competitors and improving promotion and recognition worldwide.

Create a corporate profile Constantly tweet about company and services Advertise the other Sins accounts owned and indulge likes and followers Key Metrics Followers Mentions, tweets and rewets Referrals about profile to other users Wordless The largest self-hosted blobbing tool on the web today, since the inception ten years ago (2003) it presently holds the most amount of blobs on the web today with 74 billion different blobs and posts. These numerous posts are viewed by millions of people around the world daily, it provides the luxury of owning a blob at no cost at all and also has provision for a SMS (Content management system). Swift express chose wordless as a social media medium due to the fact that the SMS can personally be edited, managed and designed by the account holder effortlessly.

This would be used to post services, information about the company and give subscribers the opportunity to personally reach out to the company and air their views or even launch complaints, not to mention the fact that it gives them an insight on what kind f vehicles are available at the request of the client. Strategy Make aware services and ongoing discounts/promotions Post corporate profile Gathering information about floggers preferences Key Metrics Number of ‘likes’ posted on the blob Number of ‘posts/comments’ left on the blob Youth This amazing video sharing and viewing social network has a whopping 1 billion registered users and boasts of views of up to 4 billion per day.

This first of its built primarily to post videos, either by recording live videos or uploading videos prerecorded for the benefit of others to see. Youth allows registered members and nonmembers alike to upload a video, live stream a video, post comments and like. This is the perfect way for swift express to show advertisement videos to the world and in so doing creating awareness of the services rendered, having 4 billion viewers a day means that the more video commercials done by swift express rental means tourist planning on visiting Mauritius, a tourist already in Mauritius, or even a Mauritania living in Mauritius. This gesture would tactically improve awareness of the brand swift express rental worldwide. Strategy Post video commercials

Post audio commercials Number of Views’ Number of ‘likes’ Action Plan For this strategic plan to use social networking sites successful, by improving customer base and making swift express rental’s online presence massive and indelible in sands of time. Periodical updates and management rules must be put in place to ensure progress, durability and continuity, because without guidelines on how to manage your social media strategy, it will end up defeating the purpose. Guideline for effective social media strategy success 1. Constant biyearly updates on all platforms except for Youth 2. Monthly or sleekly updates on Youth 3. Updates on Faceable, Twitter and wordless should be coherent but approached from different angles 4. Employers and employees should invite family and friends to the group and follow profile 5.

Employers and employees should constantly crave the indulgence of family and friends to like, share, post, tweet and also invite their own friends and family to the group 6. Employers and employees should every once in a while post, tweet, mention, like, share or even tag a post, comment, or picture about the company on their wall 7. Always respond to comments and posts by followers . Celebrate their most constant follower every once in a while 9. Never post false or fake news about company in a bid to get customers 10. Leave your profile open to everyone to view or add you to their circle Conclusion Implementing a social media strategy does not guarantees you neither competitive advantage over your competitors nor does it give you sole monopoly over the sort of business you run.

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