Social Media and Music: Succeeding in the Digital Age Assignment

Social Media and Music: Succeeding in the Digital Age Assignment Words: 251

As a result of the recording industry maintaining their grip on these outdated methods, the Record inning Industry Association of America (ARIA) has responded to people who have turned to bitterroot/ ill sharing sites with anger and outrageous lawsuits, as opposed to releasing their death grip ova ere familiar practices and changing with the times.

Artists today understand the social media and recognize this as opportunities to con next personally with fans, become more accessible, and use it as a platform to market and promote their music and concerts (Panky 300). Understanding mass media outlets such as Faceable k, Youth, and Twitter is a knowledge that allows artists to merge with the changing times and to take e advantage of the tools that the mass media provides to meet fans and music lovers on the level of the mineral public (Guilford; Got 292).

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People are turning to internet “radio” providers, where anyone c an type the name of virtually any music artist into the search and almost instantly hear a song(s) by that artist for free or for a minimum subscription charge (like Pandora and Spottily) (Panky 303). Pandora a listeners can create stations that feature a specific artist plus similar sounding artists within the as me genre. If a listener decides he or she wants to purchase the entire album, then a quick link will hook users up to tunes or Googolplex where music is purchased and downloaded onto his or her com

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