Social Justice Assignment

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Social Justices in the classroom is on major obstacle a teacher has to deal with and teach students about the difference each an every student. One issues are teachers need to be considerate of many different aspects of their students’ lives, such as religion, language, racial and different learning style. A politically supported classroom will be welcoming and accepting all students. Within a socially just room, there are specific rules to help the students feel at ease in the room.

These rules also help to avoid any confrontations among the students. There is also the idea of inclusion, which allows a student to include in classroom discussions, work and groups settings. With this idea students can are given a chance to answer a question about the discussion, etc you as the teacher choosing groups in which a student can be put in with a new group. Thus allowing students who usually does not feel included has to speak up and participate in this setting. Another way is that a student not discipline in front of the entire class, unless the student is harming their elves or other students.

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A student must feel that the teacher can understand what the problem is to them. Teachers must also let students along with parents that they are approachable. In my opinion, social justice will always be going on in a classroom setting and will always be an issue in any society. Social Justice is an issue that we as teachers will always be working to improve. As teachers, we can work for social justices by setting the stage of treating all students as individual people of equal worth.

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