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The company eventually Ovid out of the San Juan factory and moved to a new factory in Novelistic Guenon City. In 1972, England Biscuit Factory was renamed Republic Biscuit Corporation and adopted a new image. Through the years, the Rebinds put up several companies to dominate other segments of the market: JOB Food Corporation in 1989, Sunscreens Foods Incorporated in 1995, Multiracial Corporation in 1999, Pinnacle Foods Incorporated in 2000. In 2003, it acquired the Stock Products Incorporated and renamed it as SPIT Corporation.

Flagship brands Rebinds Ace Bravo Buddy Choc ROI Cookies Coco Biscuits Combo Fast Break Promotes . Hansel Jungle Bites King Hakes Rebinds Crackers Rebinds Marie Time Rebinds Sandwich Rebinds Wafer Time JOB Food Corporation JOB was founded in 1 989 to dominate the seeds and nuts market. The company is mainly engaged in the production of snacks like nuts, mixed nuts watermelon seeds, squash seeds. Brands under the company include: Burnout Captain Side Chitin Cracker Nuts Dingdong Mixed Nuts Dragon Side Happy Peanuts .

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Hi_Ho Nuts Jackpot Milked Poltroon Sunscreens Foods Incorporated Sunscreens was established in 1995 to penetrate the potential of cake snacks in the Philippine market. It has become a dominant player in the cupcake industry. It even introduced packaged breads and premium cookies as a means of expanding the market. Sunscreens currently carries the following brands: Cake Jam Cup Key Owed Donuts Jam Bites Fudge Barr Fudge Bites Mini Key Mrs..

Goodman Chunked Crossing Pangolin Multiracial Foods Corporation Multiracial Foods Corporation was incorporated in 1999. Among its brand under its portfolio are: Choc Much Cookie Munch Jellyroll Kristin Jumped Mr.. Jiggles Supersets Tiger Sits SPIT Corporation In 2004, Rebinds acquired of Stock Products, Inc. , the company licensed to locally produce Stock, a eucalyptus menthol candy, by the Stock Transcendental Risen Shook.

The acquisition included the brands Lips, Dreams, Judge, and Bazooka. It also manufactures the cathode Choose Dewey. It was renamed as SPIT Corporation. Babble Joe Bazooka Brewers Chubby Judge Mr.. Yam Starr Pinnacle F-odds Incorporated Ban Chew Classical Crisis Cross Crunches Flippers Burritos Funky Samurai Scuba Solar Sparks Tama Texas Wild In 1 972, it acquired a new image and name, becoming the Republic Biscuit Corporation (Rebinds) that we know today.

With its growing extensive distribution network, market research, and technology and product development, Rebinds soon positioned itself as one of the major players in the snack food industry-From a basic portfolio of biscuits such as the famous and pioneering Rebinds Cracker Sandwiches that generations of Filipinos have loved, Rebinds now carries a wide variety of snack food ranging from nuts and deeds, cakes, wafers, breads, chips and curls, candies and gums, and chocolates. This growth transpired though the creation of new partners over time such as JOB Food Corp.. (1 989), Sunscreens Foods Inc. 1 995),Muttering Food Corp.. And Pinnacle Foods Inc. (both in 1 999), and SPIT now, Rebinds is still true to its claim of providing ” Best-Value Products” by maintaining quality at par with the best in the country. All products that leave the Rebinds plant, put under strict quality control, are now reaching delighted consumers in many corners of the country. Services: Export Making Reboot’s home grown products available to all Filipinos overseas and to the rest of the world. With Rebinds Group of Companies strong position in our home, we now set our sights on International market.

Today, the Export Sales Group (EGGS) is in partnership with distributors from around the world. Through our EGGS, overseas trade partners can avail of our one-stop- shop service. Career Opportunities with Rebinds: Be part of our Growing FAMILY! A testament of Permanence. Len the country’s growing field of food business, Republic Biscuit Corporation, or popularly known as Rebinds, stands out. With TTS notable rise to become one of the major players in the food industry, Rebinds has been true to its vision of providing quality food to the people through the years..

A promising Career Advancement-With a team that will efficiently guide you to layout the career path that suits you better, benefits and compensation that are hard to come by these days, Rebinds truly has the commitment and duty to bring out the finest of its people. Each day is always an opportunity to practice your learning. Each day is a challenge to test your skills and create an impact not only locally but also internationally, with Rebinds catering quality food to countries like Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Dublin.

A fulfilling Work Life Balance. Alt is not only the consumers’ fondness to our products that helped us achieve our goals but also the men behind the company. In Rebinds, success is not the only goal but also fun and work-life balance fulfillment. Hard work is recognized, but satisfaction is also deemed important and guaranteed. Be part of this growing family and discover the possibilities: learn to beat the odds, improve every talent you have, and grow with the best in the business. Make your move to Rebinds now. After all, our family cares.

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