Should Internet censorship by the Chinese government Assignment

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Should Internet censorship by the Chinese government be allowed? Why/ why not? Explain your answer. BY MMY_YU In the past few months, there has been renewal interest in the national security issues since the occurrence of Edward Snowden incident. Internet censorship is one of the security measures in many parts of the world. This measure was implemented by the government that requires Internet search organizations to censor the website which the content include the sensitive issues. Also, the Internet Service Provider block access to foreign website such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

When it comes to the question of whether acceptable of Internet censorship, most people are united in the answer “No”. Those people who are in favor of it claims that this measure avoids the Internet crime to exist and the sense of belonging of citizen are stronger. On the contrary, the opponents insist that censorship on the internet obliterate the freedom of the Internet. Considering both sides of the arguments, I am prone to support the opinion that says no to Internet censorship. There are two instances that support my point of views which can lassify into social issue and economics Issue.

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To begin with, a particularly notable reason for the Issue Is that the human right was against by the Internet censorship. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, inalienable fundamental rights to which a person Is Inherently entitled simply. Nevertheless, the government blocks the website with sensitive topic and content such as June 4th Incident’. Therefore, the citizens have no right to understand the fact and the history. Also, the policy destroys Chinese people freedom of speech and the freedom of receiving message precisely.

That Is to say, for long-term, the new generation development will be obstructed. Compare with the overseas teenage which understand all the news over the world, they have a more comprehensive development than the Chinese Juvenile since the Chinese people only know part of the news. Therefore, some mainland parents let their child study In Hong Kong to know the International development Instead of only learning the Chinese development. It shows that this Internet policy has long-term negative Impact to the new generation and society development.

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