Role of Individuals and Government to understand the hazards Assignment

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One of the most significant challenges facing humankind and planet earth is to manage the environment in a sustainable manner. People start blame governments and corporations’ negligence which causes harm to the e environment, but both individuals and governments are fully responsible for their actions in rod retro harm or protect the environment. It is utmost important that individuals and govern nets take this issue of climate change seriously and change their everyday business accordingly.

I n order to get down to the root cause of climate change, it is important to avoid blaming each h other and find some specific solutions. While the sky is not likely to fall in short term, climate change should be Signing agonized as an issue that has the potential to cause great harm to the earth , or more specifically to the humankind and our current forms of existence. The alarm of climate change has become more recurrent and one of the big est. challenge of this century; it is a global challenge and needs a global solution.

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We need t 0 realize that now is the time when we need to think out of the box. We simply cannot continue our activities that poison the earth to complete our needs. Ultimately total greenhouse emission ins are the product of human population, economic activity per capita, loss of biodiversity, temperate re rising, unlimited use of natural energy resources, and carbon intensity of energy use d. If we see the big picture, the evidence of a rise in climate changes IS terrible such as: sea level r sing, global temperature rising, ocean warming, shrinking ice sheets, and horrific change i n air circulation. Initiatives percent of climate scientists agree that clatteringly trends o ever the past century are very likely due to human activities” (NASA). More additional green house gas will cause alteration in the world climate. We cannot rule out catastrophe, a do no thing option is unacceptable. In order to find the effective strategies to solve the climate pro bless, the root cause must be identified. Globalization has been the catalysis that has allow d consumption to increase on a massive level and consumption is no longer balance with nature .

In order to reduce the climate complication, the role of individuals and governments is very imp orator. At individual level, we have to suppose it is our moral responsibility to reduce the e use of electricity, wastage of water, use public transport, and increase awareness towards such things. Governments also need to confront some environmental unfriendly business s by imposing strict and enforceable guidelines on greenhouse emission industries. In addition, t he governments can impose heavy tax on carbon emission industries, whose byproducts poison the e earth.

The role of Signing both individuals and governments will not only control the mitigation of claim et, but could improve other environmental and developmental problems. People like to talk about environmental problems but fail to act. Their debates are merely to entertain on TV shows, where everybody wants to show his best performer CE on stage so that, on the next day their name will be on the front page of every newspaper. At t he end, their debates usually end with some reasons to hold institutions responsible for en overemotional problems but fail to make lasting change.

Individuals are increasingly response bible agents and appropriate targets Of blame when refraining from acting in classmate way s such as failing to recycle, unnecessary use of electricity, turning the thermostat down, driving a car instead of using public transport or cycling. “10% of greenhouse gas emissions from ho mess arise primarily from fossil fuels burned for heat, the use of certain products that contain Greg in-house gases, and he handling of waste” (Department of State report).

Ten percent seems like a small number but its future consequences are very bad in terms of rising in temperature and gal. Bal warming. The rise in temperature of the planet’s surface makes ice melt, which may cause t he water basins to rise. More heat also makes the water evaporate more intensely, causing more rains and floods. The temperature difference between the warm tropical ocean and the cold up per atmosphere forms hurricanes. In U. S. , we are seeing drastic climate change that includes h strict drought in California, alarming hurricanes, and flooding in many part of the U. S.

There are some correlations between economic and environmental consumption ion that prove the current level of human consumption, in combination with growing population, are having a significant negative impact on the natural environment and are control abutting to climate change. The size of the human population has grown exponentially over the I sat 100 years. It Signing required hundreds of thousands of years to go from first handful of humans t o a population of 3 billion. With regard to climate change, the effect of population is much greater r in countries with high participate emissions.

Some individuals think that population decrease d goes not guarantee decrease in emissions. “In the United States, average household sizes are DCE reassign, but households are living in larger homes, which use more energy’ (Whips). Give n considerations such as these, some individuals have argued that it is more important to focus s on decreasing consumption rather than population. Yet, while arguably of less immediate IM portable, stabilizing or reducing population size can be an important element in efforts to mitigate GOGH emissions because population is one driver of GOGH emissions.

Let’s consider a correlation teen economic and environmental consumption which is same but spear able at the same time: A person can spend money on a famous painting which would cost a lot more than the gas paid to drive to the point Of purchase but the latter will have more Of an envier nonmetal impact. Choices about how to spend money, for instance the choice to spend money on a low rather than a high mileage car (economic consumption), also influence environmental con us motion. However, environmental consumption is also affected by other factors, such a s driving distances.

Many U. S. Industries are using fossil fuels for the manufacturing of cements, lactic, chemicals, semiconductors and other goods at world level. Figures shows that , the U. S. Secured second place after China in the largest carbon emission nation from burning of fossil fuels. “Global emissions of greenhouse gases jumped 2. 3 percent in 201 3 to record I evils, scientists reported , in the latest indication that the world remains far off track in its beef rots to control global warming” (Gillis).

Burning fossil fuels has been releases carbon dioxide gas to the atmosphere and results in global warming. Since the start of industrial era AR mound sass’s, the Signing verbal effect of climate change has been a warming influence to the environ meet. Governments and corporations are responsible for an increase in greenhouse gases because e it is in their power to create reasonable alternatives to reduced carbon emissions. This could be done by taking strong implementations, for instance, ban the carbon producing manufacturing Eng facilities and reduce the use of coal energy.

All societies requires energy services to meet basic human needs like lighting, cooking space comfort, mobility, communication and to serve productive processes. T he quality of energy is important to the development process. For development to be just enable, delivery of energy needs to be secure and have low environmental impact, including Greg in-house gases emissions. “The EPIC Fourth Assessment Report (ARE) reported that fossil fuel s provide 85% of the total primary energy in 2004 which is the same value as in 2008. Further ore, the combustion of fossil fuels accounted for 56. % of all anthropogenic GOGH MIS signs (CA) in 2004” (Momma). In order to maintain sustainable economy that is providing essential goods and services to the citizens of both developed and developing nations, we ARQ Eire a major shift in owe energy is produced and utilized. The best solution is renewable technology gees like biomass, solar, geothermal, hydro, ocean and wind. Governments have to make some quality policies in which the cost of renewable technologies must decline, so that we reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.

In the current scenario renewable energy uses is still relatively SMS all, its growth may accelerate in recent years. “Renewable energy could meet almost half of glob al energy demand by 2050 according to the International Energy Agency ambitious BLUE MAP s scenario published in Energy Technology Perspectives 2008. Under this scenario, the w oral greenhouse gas (GOGH) emissions are halved. By the end of the century, it is conceivable the at global energy Signing needs could be supplied mainly from renewable sources” (Bleaker).

A gradually y improvement towards clean energy program should lead us to a healthier environment. The reform, government funded scientific agencies should focus their research and development active ties to improve the renewable energy performance by advanced manufacturing techniques, red cede toxic materials, sustainable production process with minimum lifestyle through recycling and final dispose. In the identifiers century, global challenges cannot be overcome by govern .NET and corporations change alone, however.

The need to improve climate conditions may be satisfied through many activities, including improving technology and making consume option more efficient, charity, work and turning contemplation into action. Solutions must come from the combined creativity and innovative spirit of both governments and individuals working together. Governments should boost clean and renewable energy programs at the stats level by educating people. For instance, solar energy is the best option in the long run to produce clean energy at less cost than the conventional sources.

But the cost of solar panels is very hi GHz; therefore, everybody can’t afford it. “When Greg Hare looked into putting solar panels o n his raunchiest….. Mr.. Hare ended up paying $77,000 for a large solar setup” (Gal. earth). However, government can subsidize solar panel programs, so that everybody have a pop Zion to buy it at a lower cost. Solar power helps to reduce the effect of global warming and to s eve money as well because putting solar panels on house’s roof is likely to save tens of thousand s of dollars overtime. Sun is free of use.

Once solar panels installed on roof, they will be CLC Nan and independent source of house electricity. Therefore, in order to educate our so city members, governments need to start some publication relationship programs like ‘NNE orgy efficiency and Signing climate control’ by conducting seminars and science fairs so that government s and individuals can share their ideas to protect the environment. Governments should also have to make good foreign policies on climate Chain GE at the international level with other developing and developed nations.

International climate talks on sill fuels consumption are probably the most complex and tense for all coo entries. The industrial countries do not want to stop their unfriendly environment business sees because mostly their source of income is coming through burning fossil fuels. ‘The Industrial c entries that have ratified the Kyoto protocol are mostly unwilling to commit themselves to be a ambitious emission reduction goals before large developing countries also make corresponding c ointments. ” (Carcinogenic 4). The main developing countries (like India and China) also ha eve to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

It is very important to understand, the measure to reduce g roundhouse emissions (GOGH) and the measure to increase the GOGH absorption have direct impact on the development of energy sectors, agriculture, forestry, and other industries. Ova rural, to tackle climate change effectively at a global level requires integration of climate chaw Eng into trade and economic policy, so that trade and investment do not relentlessly go towards ever Increasing carbon emissions, but rather create incentives for low carbon investment.

Go ferments should also have to make further future agreement with other nations; that must be ore demanding with respect to the actions to cope with the problem of climate change. These agreement must be valid for a longer period of time. Climate change is also a moral issue. It is an issue of social justice, human rig TTS and fundamental ethics. Individuals and governments have a profound responsible lit to protect the fragile web of life on this Earth, and to this generation and those that will follow w.

Individuals Signing should be held responsible when acting in ways that contribute to environment natal problems like unnecessary use of electricity, drive carbon emission motorcars, fail to recycle he dispose, and excessive consumption of fossil fuels. If “we”, collectively, are the problem, “w e” are also responsible for organizing ourselves into institutional structures capable of d ailing with this problem. Individual can not consider himself/ herself apart from the problem of climate change.

We can not step back, tell ourselves, ‘this is government’s problems, and sign re it until told by governments what we need to do. ” Rather we must think it as our problem an d its solution is in our hands too. It is up to us to find ways of acting together, by influencing, am ending, and supplementing. People must assume that this is their moral duty to help gave rents such as increasing their role in water storage and water use efficiency to cope with the e increased variability in water supply. Thus, we can build a stronger and safer community sees.

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