Religion should be part of government decisions. Assignment

Religion should be part of government decisions. Assignment Words: 596

Just look at the facts; congress can use religion to get people to agree on something that will help the U. S. As a country, certain religions provide mental limitations that keep people from breaking the law, and religion helps people look at the better side of things and be less hostile. Don’t believe religion can bring the best out of people? When someone has a horrible accident, or maybe they’re going through a rough patch In their life, they usually turn to religion to put them on the right path.

That’s how they get their life back on track, they talk out the problems they’re going through and, sometimes, even old a meeting with other members of the church (or coven or online-religious group) If people are emotionally distressed Instead of keeping It Inside until they become horribly hostile. (www. Spirit-health. Org, April 25th 2006) “Harm none, so mote it be. ” is an example of religion helping in a more peaceful society, with less violence. That quote is from the wicking religion, where after meditation, or if they ask from one of the deletes. Hey well say this to make sure that nothing bad will be put Into the universe and/or hurt any living thing, including the Earth. (Wick’s read 2011) In all, religion gives people a reason to live, it gives them purpose in life. That makes them happier by default. We may never know what the true meaning of life is, but religion gives people peace of mind knowing that where they’re heading, Is the right path. (www. Wholehearted. Org, January 6th 2009) Congress can use religion to get people to agree to ban something that would make the country worse that they otherwise wouldn’t agree on.

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The Obama campaign ad done Just as much If not more than, the Rooney campaign to leverage religions belief. They might also induce fear into the public, but if it would honestly help, then it should be perfectly fine. People in the government may be swayed one way or another, by what they believe religiously. (www. Infidels. Org) As in the topic of gay marriage. The only actual argument they have, Is because In the Christian bible It states, “Man shall not Ill with a male as with a woman; It Is an abomination. ” Not that I believe in that, mind you, it’s simply an example.

Some religions provide mental limitations that keep citizens from breaking the law. When people allow religion Influence our government, we allow the values that most that most of us place stock In to Influence our lives In general. Hindu, Buddhism, Shaving, Which, and many other peaceful religions allow people to realize that what they do may be wrong and be hurting others. As a nation, we’re free to us from doing that is karma, or hell, or whatever your religion believes. The government put “In God we trust. On our country money to show our unity and to underscore a positive behavior (A. K. A. Not rob a bank) Religion is used to help the country in many ways. It helps ban things that may harm the country, its assets, and citizens themselves. It also provides mental limitations, so people won’t break the law, harming themselves or others. And finally, it helps people to realize the love and happiness in the world, in turn will make them much less hostile, and less likely to get involved in bad situations. Overall, religion plays an important role in the U. S. Government.

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