Proposal of the impact of social media on youth Assignment

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In the last two years, social media use has become one of the most rapidly growing activities worldwide since the invention of television. Within 30 years, radio reached 50 million listeners, while it took only arrears for television to reach 50 million viewers. Strikingly, the internet reached 50 million users in only four years, indeed, Faceable reached that figure in one and half years. Designed for students at Harvard University in 2004, Faceable is a single phenomenon. In 2009, Faceable Haddam million members, and by the end of 201 0, that number increased to 500 million users worldwide.

As social media grows at a faster rate than other communication programs, the importance of social media increases and following its development has become even more challenging (Civilize, 2009; Sneer, 2012). In Bangladesh has seen a rapid growth of Internet users since mid asses. A news report informed that Internet users in Bangladesh reached 33. 43 million by the end of April, 2013 with 95% users connected through mobile phone (Sad, 2013). Faceable is the most popular social media of the country. According to wisped by the end of year 201 2, 8. % of the total population of Bangladesh used Faceable (“Faceable statistics,” n. Social media impacts a wider audience at a greater pace. Youth is that phase in which easily the mind can be change. It is mainly factual of self-governing conversation and consolidation. Nowadays, social media plays an important role in teenagers / youth life. The majority of teenagers in the Bangladesh are daily social media users. There are countless of social networking sites that have created broad connections among teens. Social media helps teens stay connected to each other even if they are a housing miles away, and it keeps us up to date with what’s going on around the world and so on.

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Social media has positive impact on teens in many ways. As we know that everything has a good or bad impact. So the social media has also bad influence on us. Social media creates a culture in which a single mistake such as a racy picture or poorly thought-out comment can cause irreparable harm to our reputation. Social networking websites are causing alarming changes in the brains of young users, an eminent. Literature Review have read some of the books, articles which are related to my topic. The some of the views of writer are giving here: According to Kaplan & Heinlein, 201 0, p. 1 ; as cited in “Social Media,” n. D. In his book he defines the social media as “Social media is “a group of internet based applications that builds on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2. 0 and it allow the creation and exchange of user- generated content’ Janet Foots in her book defines the social media as “people engaged in conversation around a topic online. ” (Foots, 2009). Her definition is a generalization to the whole topic, so there is another definition by (Boded and

Ellison, 2007) that is “Social network sites are defined as wed-based services that allow individuals to three main points the first is to construct a public or semi-public profile within a system, the second is to formulate a list of other users with whom they share a connection, and the third is to view and cutoff their list of connections and those made by others within the system. “This definition describes in specific the way people connect through the social network sites, and the nature and classification of these connections may vary from site to site.

According to Trusts, Buckling and Pulses (2009) reviewed that the phenomena of social network is quite simple to understand, it is a web based facility which allows individuals to build a profile identity and generate us objective associations and connections among themselves and communicate them at a central location. A British anthropologist named Robin Dunbar gave the famous Dunbar number. According to his research any person can, at the most, maintain only around 1 50 relations. Any number above this quantity doesn’t add value to social life.

Many social networking sites don’t have transparent privacy policy. Studies indicated that Bangladesh are depending on social media for source of news and information Muhammad and Ensnare (2009) pointed out that, in the time of crisis people with firsthand knowledge’ use social media to share the news, which influences Bangladesh Internet users to check social media more during such time (“New technology and changing medias cape” Para- 5) Some studies reported how the Bangladesh online community participates in political discourses.

Has (2012) wrote;’, The online community that comprises Affectations’ and floggers regularly serve news and analyses contemporary issues. In that way, they perform citizen journalism. The floggers and Affectations regularly criticize the government for their failures. Though they stay in a virtual world, they try to channel the issue in discursive form from virtual world to real world and vice versa. (“Bangladesh experience’). Writing in his column Youth and Reality in Weekend Nation newspaper (4 August, 2012), Rodgers Saul tips the youths that they can use social media to champion democracy.

According to the article “What Face book and Twitter Mean for News. ” Nowadays teens receive digital news from social media sites ether than turning on news channel or reading newspaper. 70% of youths receive most of the news stories they read or watch via Face book or Twitter. It’s amazing how fast news spread on social networking sites. According to Amy Mitchell, “Faceable news users get more news from friends and family and see it as news they might well have gotten someplace else if Faceable did not exist.

For Twitter users, though, the news links come from a more even mix of family and friends and news organizations. Most of these users also feel that without Twitter, they would have missed this kind Of news”. Appearance of the expression ‘global novel’ is recent and strange, said Mission Humid, author of The Reluctant Fundamentalist ramie said some people considered globalization to be contaminating for artists. “I think art comes out of [such] contamination”, said Humid. He said modern technology and social media were changing the writing styles of the youth. The way they write today is very different from how people used to write 10 or 15 years ago” Intuition and conventional wisdom indicates that the social media is helping to develop the youth of Bangladesh. However, as no research has confirmed his intuition, there is a scope here for research based on empirical data Of young people’ . Impact on social media. Problem/Question Why does youth use social media? How social media use varies between age groups, parent’s perception, how much time youth spend on social media?

What are the impacts of social media on youth? How social media influences youth? Objectives Main objective: To determine the impact of social media on youth. Specific objectives: To determine how social media influences consumer behavior. To identify the changes social media has brought to consumers in different stages Of their decision making. TO explore the reasons Of choosing social media. Hypothesis HI: Social media has positive impact on youth. H2O: Social media has no positive impact on youth. Area of Research proposed my research area in Camilla City.

Camilla (Town) Stands On The Bank Of The Gamut River. It Consists Of 18 Wards And 46 Mullahs. It Has an Area Of 1 1. 47 Sq Km And A Population Of 1 68378. Camilla is well known as a City for education. Research methodology Data collection: I have divided my data collection in two parts: Primary Data Collection: A survey has been conducted on the social media users both online and offline. Most survey forms were distributed online. In order to collect data select 30 samples by using random sampling. Collect primary data through questionnaire method. Questionnaire method: Hand-to-hand or face-to-face Mailing the question to my selected sample. By using the following techniques I can collect data for my research. Secondary Data Collection: I can also collected data from Blobs, online articles and conference paper were mainly selected which focused on social media and its impact on youth. Online articles provided miscellaneous data that helped laying the background for the research.. Tools & Techniques: In order to accomplish research some tools and techniques are necessary for collecting data.

To complete this research some tools and techniques should follow, such as: Dairy Pen and pencil Video camera, Tap recorder Note, book Question Limitation of the research I. The size of the sample was too small to be depicting the real picture. However it was hard to reach wider range of people so the sample drawn is does not represent the whole population as I am not a professional researcher. Moreover, another limitation of the survey research was limited time. I. It needs more time to process the data and inferring information. Ill. A research work of this nature cannot come to an end without limitation. IV.

To prepare this report we have faced some problems. At first we did not have any specific outline, for which it took a long time to be prepared for the report V. When I am going to collect my data from primary source, I can face some limitations from my respondents. These limitations are: I can’t communicate with them easily. Because they are not closely related with me. They don’t want to spend much time. They are not interested to provide actual information. VI. Besides there are lack of information as there is no available computer lab or internet facilities for the general students in the University area.

At that time, if want to collect information from secondary sources, I can face some problems. Because net facilities are not available in the university area and I had to go far for net facilities to collect information. Time frame Topic Days/weeks days Literature review 5 days Collection of data from primary from sources 10 days Collection Of data from secondary sources Analysis of data Revise the research paper days Submission Conclusion Social media act as a great medium for view manipulation. Youth is raising their voice against social acts like violation Of Human Rights, corruption etc.

These social media are proving themselves an advantage at least in bringing opinion of people on these social issues. Youth are getting more aware about the social issues mainly from Face book. Most of the people think that youth can play a positive role in changing our society which is represent in most of the responses to different queries. In one hand it provides away to connect our dear ones on the other side it gives a dais that become danger for our radiation and culture. For the vast majority of teens, the overall impact on social media has been positive.

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