Post-Colonialism Assignment

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What is Postcolonial Literature? In a broad sense, postcolonial literature is writing which has been “affected by the imperial process from the moment of colonization to the present day’ (Ashcroft et al, 2). In Indian’s case, this Includes novels, poetry, and drama which were written both during and after the British Raja or “Reign,” which came to a formal conclusion with Indian Independence in August 1947. Although writing from India and other formerly colonized countries such as Nigeria, Jamaica, Pakistan, and Singapore has distinctive features, postcolonial literature shares some significant concerns and characteristics.

Concerns 1) Reclaiming spaces and places Colonialism was, above all, a means of claiming and exploiting foreign lands, resources, and people. Enslavement, indentured labor, and migration forced many Indigenous populations to move from the places that they considered “home”. Postcolonial literature attempts to counteract their resulting alienation from their surroundings by restoring a connection between indigenous people and places through description, narration, and determination. ) Asserting cultural Integrity During colonization, the indigenous cultures of those countries subjected to foreign el were often sidelined, suppressed, and openly denigrated in favor of elevating the social and cultural preferences and conventions of the colonizers. In response, much postcolonial literature seeks to assert the richness and validity of indigenous cultures in an effort to restore pride in practices and traditions that were systematically degraded under colonialism. )

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