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Notes on the Early Republic BY mpr091893 Along w period of political democracy was the 2nd party system, 1st was Federalists and Jeffersonian Democratic Republicans, the new were the Whigs and the Jacksonian Democrats 1830’s, foundation for modern day democrats The federalists became the Whigs govt has an active role in promoting freedom govt programs in economy to secure freedom this is referred to as the American System by Henry Clay he was for tariffs, Jeffersonian Republicans become the Democrats believe opposite, that govt should stay out of economics Henry Clay, no other country has no free rade, they have tariffs, how can we have free trade if other nations are imposing tariffs? Also wanted to have a United States Bank and internal improvements (civil engineering) promoting private engineering cooperating with incentive with the govt to build public structures or even private ventures that would potentially increase economic stability, NFL team example, if I own a team, gov’ts offer to build a stadium to bring in the revenue & entertaining tax revenue which will increase the state/ local economy.

The tariffs promote economic growth by taxing imported goods , artificially ncreasing the price to make domestic goods to be favorable and thus increasing the economy of the US The Democrats feel the tariffs impinge on Lasie Fair, because it provides unequal advantages to some which might otherwise be selected against and therefore the market is unbalanced. Andrew Jackson was the first president since Washington to give a farewell address. Lived 50 years under constitution, weve come out 0k, IVe got a few things to say, There have never been 13 millions of people involved in a political body who enjoy so much freedom… threat to this will come from inside itself, from corruption and greed nd faction – loaded word implying political division- and warns the people to guard against it. Jackson stands for the political development of parties and the lassie-faire economics which promotes the ideas hes telling everyone to guard against what he promotes individually, is he being hypocritical?

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Is it rather that he is putting aside his own personal ideas for the public good mirroring classical ideas of virtue, or is it rather that he feels his ideas at this point are satisfactory and he is warning against the intensification of these ideas in the future to a place out of control, not ecessarily that he is holding two contradictory thoughts in mind. The Market Revolution – the free labor ideology A phenomenon from the 1790s to the mid 19th century, a development of commercial activity that is being done specifically for economic gains Main transition is going from a system where people were engaged in production for their own consumption or local exchange (barter or credit) farmers and craftsman who produce a little extra beyond their own needs.

The revolution increasingly devote resources to develop a surplus to sell in distant markets beyond the local, important w the development of reat lakes (water) More employees brought in to increase production for distant markets Seeing the beginnings of what will become the industrial revolution, in New England, at the vanguard of change, textile mills, others mills, and the shovel shops right here in Easton, the Ames Factory Some argue that the modern capitalist system being radically developed in this period, is Just the normal workings of the ideas which constitute capitalism or if it was the product of 4 prerequisites ofa modern capitalist system Private Property – comes from bourgeois property rights of the enlightenment, specially the means of production are privately held, envision the opposite in communism, where the workers “own the factories or means of production”, the factory and machines and processors are part of the owners being.

A Free Market System – A social arena in which goods and services can be exchanged no coercion, a voluntary system, free acting agents come to meet Labor Power as a Commodity – Question of Workers, (keep in mind the authority the workers have to call the shots) But actually the productive capacity, the physical act which is different. Labor Power n a Capitalist society, the Laborer if free to sell his or her productive capacity as a commodity. In a slave society, or non free labor system, the employer still has to pay for labor like the slave owner has to pay for the slave themselves and for them to be sustained, but the employees are not paid. The slaves are less workers and more a means of production that is owned, when referring to the capitalist slave system the slaves were not human laborers, but rather the property as the means of production.

Power of the State to Guarantee – Laws passed and regulations established to ensure hese things coming to be. This is where, to date, political arguments arise debating how much the State can interfere to ensure these things. Healthcare, minimum wage, and bailouts What do you think Gideon Lee would say to the Workers? Stop Wining, get off you ass and work, if you were really persevering then you would not be “selected against” by the free market and you would maintain a more favorable position in economic society. Is the declaration a complaint on Just the conditions the wage workers are making or is it Just the frustration of the nature of perpetual servitude?

Pretty much both. What is it about the slave metaphor in the Declaration? Why is it used? The treatment is equal to that of slaves even though the bounds of employers can be changed, the humiliation and constancy of lifestyle is equally deplorable They are being excluded from the boundaries of freedom, they feel that they have not had the power to control their own destinies, they are in a state of dependency, if freedom is independence, is slavery dependence. But is every form of dependence really slavery, think of children or women to their husbands but points still stand that they are not in control anymore and they don’t think that’s fair.

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