Nationalism Assignment

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There are many ways different ways to explain nationalism. A nation is people who share a sense of belonging. The most important characteristics to understand nationalism are patriotism, reconciliation, and a shared history. Throughout the world the Olympics are well known and celebrated. In Canada the Olympics are the finest time to show our appreciation for our country. As Canadians we paint on our bodies, we have bars open at five am, and it is the topic of discussion anywhere you go, patriotism is a staple for our nation because it unites us as a people.

Without patriotism our bond as a nation wouldn’t be as resilient as it is. Another key component to nationalism is reconciliation within a nation. For example when the Aka crisis started there was conflict but no violence, once violence occurred the government knew it had gone too far. The government gave the control of the land to the Mohawk people and respected their nationalist loyalty as an aboriginal. Certain things like creating the royal commission for aboriginals keeps the nation and its nationalist loyalties bonded.

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Without reconciliation a nations people would turn to violence and it would collapse. During the French revolution the French stormed the Pastille, which strengthened their revolutionary spirit and unified them as a people. It will permanently be a memory for French people to identify with, keeping them united through shared history. Shared history keeps nations together because it reminds them of their losses and their victories. Without some shared history nations won’t have a memory that can bring them together when it is needed.

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