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Special Victim’s Unit has always challenged and brought to light the especially heinous criminal acts committed by sexual offenders. Emmy Award winner Marks Harrying has excelled for nearly 1 5 years portraying Olivia Benson, and her acting has set the underrated SUB apart from the mediocrity displayed on television. For that matter, the entire Special Victim’s Unit cast has superbly displayed a level of acting unlike any other crime series. In addition, the incorporation of suspenseful music to move the viewer in between scenes emphasizes the constant suspense.

The Season 14 finale is gripping like an emotional roller coaster, including thrilling judicial manipulation and shocking twists and turns. What is going to happen to Detective Olivia Benson? SPOILER ALERTS! “Her Negotiation” begins innocently with each SUB detective carrying on daily leisure activities, however, detective Amanda Rollins quickly interrupts this fun. She urgently brings in the entire SUB team to process a flasher in the park. It seems very odd to insist the need of every detective, but she instinctively feels there is more to this pervert than meets the eye. Her gut was right.

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As the episode progresses SUB unveils one of the most gruesome and lethal offenders to date. The ending leaves us with the same offender in Bonbon’s apartment holding her at gunpoint. The finale closes with an outstanding way to end the season because the audience is left to wonder whether beloved Benson will survive for season 15. My bet is that she will be returning, but if she does her entire world and the people around her will change drastically. The acting in Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit and especially in the Season 14 finale demonstrate why this show is so highly praised.

The cast creates such real life scenarios with their portrayal of law enforcement, the victims, and the courtroom. SUB delicately weaves the stories of all their detectives, so the viewer can gain personal insight into their lives on a more intimate level. Olivia Benson is revered for her capability to communicate on a personal level with the troubled victim, while on the other hand gouge confessions out of suspects. The season finale allures fans to keep watching by putting her life in immediate danger. Her acting is so convincing that viewers really cannot tell whether or not she will live.

Effectively, the show appeals to one- time viewers and dedicated fans because a one- time viewer can grasp the storyline and not be confused because watching previous episodes are not necessary for comprehension. SUB subtly intertwines characterization and character development for dedicated fans to pick up on, however appeals to the crime lovers who only watch a few episodes. Law & Order: Special Victim’s Unit’s music choice heightens the dramatic and thrilling aspect to the show, elevating themselves above their crime show counterparts.

The infamous sound bite “DUN DUN” Jumps forward in time to the next scene, resembling the sound of a Judge’s gavel. The music is so closely associated emotional impact on the viewer as it does with the music. The Season 14 finale combined with the music Just further illuminates the tension and uncertainty in this episode. Sadly, flaws do exist in this episode. Convenience is an issue because some situations occur very timely. For instance, Detective Amanda Rollins Just happens to be in the park when the flasher runs by. Another crucial example is that Captain Donald Craven inexplicably demands that Benson take two days rest from work.

This s “trouble in paradise” because from here we know that no one will be alarmed if they do not see her. We viewers know Benson would be put into some kind of danger, and now this is the perpetrator’s perfect opportunity to strike in her apartment because she is most vulnerable. Speaking of Benson, it was slightly odd when she is entering the dangerous apartment scene and how she reacts to the “off noise. ” You would presume that Benson would draw her gun once no one responded to “Hello? ” because of her detective instincts, but she instead goes toward the noise blindly. Her senses Just seem off here.

Her Negotiation” definitely finishes Season 14 on a cliffhanger, however, it gives the fans something to talk about. Compared to previous episodes, this episode is filled with a denser, more hair-raising plot that entices viewers to keep watching. In addition, I know many viewers worry whether or not Olivia Benson (Marks Harrying) will be returning, but I think keeping in perspective the ratings of the show the producers would never take away Olivia Benson. A MUST watch for the upcoming Season 15. Hold tight SIVA followers and have fun watching reruns until the new season September 25!

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