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Assessment 2: Media Options Report. A report evaluating advertising media options for a given product or service Group Task: Groups up to 6 . Format: Report format. Assessment description A major advertising objective is to get the marketing communication message to the right target audience at the right time in the right environment . For this assessment write a report. You must select one of the two media planning tasks provided – or select a product or a service of your choice (check with trainer) The product or service you choose must use a variety of media in its advertising programmer (at least three )

Select the advertising media options that match the requirements of the advertising brief for the product or service by: analyzing the advertising media options determining the media characteristics that match the requirements of the advertising brief analyzing the target audience’s media consumption habits selecting advertising media options that match the requirement of the advertising brief for the product or service.

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The advertising options that fit the best to meet the requirements include: – Print Media: Magazines – Television – Internet: Ads on Faceable , Youth , Twitter – Billboards – Point of sales: Cosmetic shops – Transit Choose one of the advertising briefs or an alternate one negotiated with your facilitator. Channel CLIENT: Channel Cosmetics An global famous cosmetic company is launching their new range make-up products. AUDIENCE: mostly women (all ages). TONE: The ‘channel’ girl is: Natural Simple and intuitive Healthy Assume the role of media assistant and write a report to Advertising Manager for the purpose of evaluating the use of media for advertising: In the wonderful world of social media marketing there are many ways to reach and engage customers.

Nearly four in five active Internet users visit social networks and blobs. As social media usage increases month over month, marketers have found a way to use these popular sites as channels for promotion. Anyone can use Faceable and receive messages of a new sale or a new product line hitting the shelves in the upcoming weeks. Marketers are increasing budgets and using social media in conjunction with other advertising channels, but return on investment continues to be a question. Social media can be effectively used for advertising, and has been in the past to some success. Unfortunately, many companies try to use social media as a single-purpose tool instead of seeing the whole picture.

Here are some tips on how to use social media for advertising: Don’t Advertise Directly. People expect TV commercials to tell them about how great something is, or position it in a way that makes it look cool. Social media is a community and a direct ad is akin to a person with a giant sign screaming at the top of their lungs that you should try a product. Sometimes, it’s what you don’t say that matters most. Create Something Entertaining Build on What Works. Elf something we say or do generates a lot of attention, focus on what made that happen and work from there rather than repeating the same thing exactly the same way over and over again. Interact with the Audience. Television isn’t a community.

Audience members may yell at their screens from time to time but they don’t expect a response. Twitter, Faceable, Google+, and other social networks are intended to give everyone a voice about practically everything. Learn What Our Customers Want. Take time to listen to our customers and make sure their feedback is received. Sometimes, the best ideas come from community. Think of a social network as a kind of focus group with a much broader range of experience and interests. Analyses advantages and disadvantages of each advertising media option: and b. List the advertising media options. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of each media option in relation to selected product.

Advertising Option Advantages Magazines Target market Spectacle audience increase product’s prestige by association with the magazine Early closing dates advertisement has to be broadcasted at least 5 to 7 times to achieve message Analyses the advantages and disadvantages in relation to the selected product. Cosmetic advertising is the promotion of cosmetics and beauty products by the cosmetics industry through a variety of media. The advertising campaigns are usually aimed at women wishing to improve their appearance, commonly to increase physical attractiveness and reduce the signs of ageing. Magazine ads featuring cosmetics show viewers the latest product line, the newly added feature or products which celebrities are promoting.

Cosmetic ads in magazines are different than other media because they are images that try to catch your attention among the diverse pages of a magazine and provide the most relevant information that can be read in less than a minute. Television ads use audio, visuals, actions and celebrities to convey the message to the customers. When they are being shown it can be segmented and organized according to the target market, 25-35 year old. It has a vast capacity of communicating the product to a large number of people. Determine the media characteristics that meet the requirements of the selected advertising brief case study: Identify and list the media characteristics of each advertising media option. Teen Magazine: Characteristics: Colorful Television Image Fame Glamour Billboard centralists: Eye catching Strong visual effect Young Fast Easy b.

Select the media characteristics that match the requirements of the advertising brief case study. Magazines and TV are complementary to one another. TV ads are powerful and intrusive but fleeting. Magazines are under the control of the readers, carries the relationship values and can reach light viewers. The best strategy that we can think is TV + Magazines advertising together is more effective than apart. Analyses the media consumption habits in relation to primary and secondary advertising media: Identify the target audience of the advertising brief case history. The main target audience of the brand that we have chosen (Channel) is the female, in particular the young professional female in this market.

Usually the brand will push the advertising campaigns to gain the attention of the young female professional that has a disposable income that they are willing to spend on these kinds of purchases, however Channel has branched out further than this and they are aware that there is quite a large market for anti ageing products and as such can direct a lot of their advertising towards the older woman that is interested in maintaining her youthful looks. Channel have focused the attentions of their brand on young/middle aged women because this is where they see the greatest amount of disposable income that can be tapped into. The range of cosmetics, face creams and fragrances that Channel offers to its female customers is vast and as a result can really cover a wide range of customers.

Analyses the target audience’s media consumption habit for both primary and secondary advertising media. The main target audience for this product type is the female buyer between her late ass’s and mid ass’s. This demographic generally has money to spend and is influenced heavily b the advertising of their preferred brand. In acknowledgement of this Channel has long since been regarded as one of the worlds most prestigious brands. It has never really fallen out of fashion or style despite it having been around for so long. It has out lasted and out preformed all of its other rivals in this department and has endured the newcomers to the scene with relative ease.

While the prices for Channel products are quite high relative to a lot of the more affordable brands on the market, there is a certain customer that will choose to pay the higher prices in order to gain he esteem and prestige associated with the brand. The Channel company have taken to using a Brand Ambassador to market and sell their Brand/flagship product. In recent years they used the actor Brad Pit to become the ambassador/the face of their iconic fragrance Channel No. 5 despite the fragrance being a ladies perfume and tenure not Delve a lot accuses In ten advert to ‘sell’ ten product. Slung colorless these days is becoming more and more popular; because they are popular and followed by many people so it makes sense that marketers benefit from using them in order to get their message across.

A celebrity can capture consumers’ attention link the brand with their own personal image and associate their positive attributes with those of the product concerned. In this manner, the marketers are using the primary advertising to its fullest and the support this advertising with other types of secondary advertising media, like large billboards in prominent shopping areas, etc whereby the idea for purchasing one of the Channel products has been sown now the secondary advertising media reinforces the original advert Select advertising media options that match the requirements of the advertising brief case study: b. Identify the advertising media options that match the advertising brief requirements.

The advertising media options that match the advertising brief for Channel are predominately the Primary advertising media, Channel tend to invest in the TV adverts, the Glossy magazines and too lesser extent the billboards. The company is known as a prestigious and classy company and as such will not have their Brand on every little billboard and small newspaper, they will retain a level of separation from all the other brands that will advertise across every media. Channel prefer to remain Mathew exclusive in that they will only advertise in the expensive glossy High Fashion magazines as they tend to show off the product to the customers that they want to attract.

The Brad Pit “Brand Ambassador” campaign that Channel undertook in recent years was another example of their use of the exclusive Primary Advertising Media that Channel use regularly. Evaluation The consumer packaged goods industry is inundated with the next best thing, so when it comes to selling cosmetics in a saturated marketplace, businesses need to set their products apart with creative packaging, consistent branding and product consisting to make the most of their overall marketing strategy. The campaign will emerge from the findings of a custom-made research survey. We will incorporate a custom-built research survey, exclusive magazine-partnered launch events, in-store workshops, and an extensive range of in-program and editorial content. All media options meet the legal and ethical requirements.

Conclusion The survey can ask women a series of tailored questions about what makes them feel beautiful, which products they use, which they don’t use, and which they want more information on. These searches can truly integrate a campaign across magazine, TV, online, in store and social media. The best results that we can find connecting this brand and advertising are magazines and TV. We can reach a large number of people getting into the women weekly magazines. Recommendations As required from the advertiser the campaign will be divided into four weeks, each of which embraced a different product category lip, blush, nail polish, eye shadow. The media options that we chose are Magazines and Television advertising where the brand can show all its potential. For these, celebrities can be used to lunch the campaign.

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