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Many of the highest ranked universities, reasonably, are using English language to teach in most relevant courses. It is an important reason of increasing the international students in overseas language centre. Foreigners are Joining these centre to gain valuable language skills, and also verifying of experience, however, a few negative impacts on students still exist. Studying English Overseas has vast advantages. First of all, international students can gain knowledge of new culture from each other. In addition, in such interactive environment students may develop their communication skills by meeting different origin’s mates.

For example, there is an efficient mixture of foreign learners in university accommodation which forces them to speak in English because they are from different countries. The second benefit is that these relationships and friendships might be continued that means the university colleagues may offer financial opportunities after graduating. The final advantages of studying English overseas is that students can practices their English engage while they are living, shopping, and traveling, especially with native speakers.

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Moreover, in such place learners will comprehend faster, correct and adequate language to communicate well. To sum up, studying English abroad is beneficence. However, there are a few disadvantages of studying English overseas. Firstly, students may be shocked by the difference among cultures, and this circumstance has a negative impact on foreign learners. Besides that, educators teach differently, and the effects of this can include confusion. The second drawback s that there are several costs that need to be managed.

For instance, living often expenses are more expensive compared with students’ home countries, and tuition fees can be higher too. Finally, learning English overseas could take longer than studying at home and goals also might be delayed until language courses are finished, or may be cancelled if time limits are not met. As a result, learners might lose Job opportunities in their home countries or the chance of completing the degree. To sum up, the above disadvantages make studying English overseas very Hellenizing.

To summaries, this essay has discussed the benefits and drawbacks of learning English in the counties where it is spoken. Acquiring cultural knowledge, forming new relationships and practicing the language are the merits of this type of study. Nevertheless, the demerits of studying English overseas are cultural diversity, tuition fees and living costs and extended period of study. If overseas students genuinely seek knowledge of other cultures.

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