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The airline turned into an international carrier within the next decade and changed names to ‘Malaysia Airlines Limited’ after the formation of Malaysia in 963 and ‘Malaysia-Singapore Airlines'(MASS) in 1965 after the separation of Singapore and Malaysia. During this period, MASS started new services to Perth, Taipei, Rome and London and was firmly placed within the international sphere.

After the partners of MASS separated in 1972, MASS became the ‘Malaysia Airlines’ as we know it today. The airline has not only been praised as Malaysia’s iconic national air carrier, but also an international air icon, receiving more than 100 awards in the last 10 years for being a 5-star airline, having the world’s best cabin crew and being the World’s eating airline to Asia as well as Sais’s leading airline.

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On the 8th of March 2014, scheduled Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 from Koala Lump to Beijing was reported missing. The aircraft carried 227 passengers from 14 nations and there has currently been no confirmation of flight debris or a crash site, however all onboard has been presumed dead. An analysis from articles acquired in online websites; The Sydney Morning Herald, News. Mom, The Age and Mines have shown a large amount of criticism on the airline for its handling of the situation on a number of levels including; 2 ) The initial handling and disclosure of information to families that were affected b) The security of the airline’s plane, including precautions the airline failed to take c) The conduct and behavior of the airlines pilots, with information circulating that the co-pilot was inexperienced and unprofessional while the captain may have diverted the plane in a suicide mission due to personal issues d) A second Malaysian Airlines flight which had to make an emergency landing due to safety concerns.

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