Is There a Philippine Public Administration Assignment

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The authors merely presented an Implicit answer to the title question “Is there a Philippine pubic administration? ” They did not provide a clear-cut exposition of Items that would help us come up with a distinct answer to the same conundrum- “Is there a Philippine public administration? ” Let’s take a closer look at each item presented in paragraph three of this paper.

First- There is a Philippine public administration as far as there is an American, French and Thai public administration. For me, the existence of the latter does not justify the emergence of the former. The latter may exist but the former may not and vice versa. Second- There is Philippine public administration as far as there are institutions of public administration addressing specific sector concerns. Therefore, the absence of these institutions is the absence of Philippine public administration.

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Third- There is a Philippine public administration as far as It being a field of study Is concerned. Hence, the existence of colleges and universities hat offers courses In public administration, fiscal administration, public personnel administration, local government administration, etc. As a quick response to the urgent need of training Institutions that would help shape the Intellectual Inclination of future public managers who can better understand the unity-gritty of governance.

Fourth- There is a Philippine public administration considering the massive role of the bureaucracy in Philippine public administration. Without which, Philippine public administration is merely an illusion. Fifth- There is a Philippine public administration when we consider its major institutions in education, politics and government. Thus, disregarding the latter is the nonexistence of the former. Is there a Philippine public administration? Yes, there is as a discipline.

There is no denying to that as obvious as it is. The proliferation of colleges and universities In the country offering courses in public management Is an apparent confirmation that Philippine public administration does exist. The National College of Public Administration and Governance of the university of the Philippines was founded to serve as the country’s leading institution in providing intensive training for those who aspire to be in the field of public service.

Other educational institutions in the country like the university of Eastern Philippines, Sicilian university, the Philippine School of Business and Administration, Lyceum of the Philippines, Zebu Normal university, Southwestern University, to mention a few, followed suit in responding to the pressing demands of the present time- to educate and train public servants who will hopefully help improve the quality of life of every Juan De la Cruz; public managers who will remove us from the discriminatory list of the “Third World Countries” in the globe.

There is a Philippine public administration. The authors showed us a birds-eye view of the evolution of Philippine public administration from the traditional model to the recent and Innovative model of this discipline. How the theory and practice of public administration of the Western civilization contributed to the development of Philippine public administration as it is today, was also presented in this paper. As a tidying a particular subject matter or discipline is partly attained if the application or practice of what we have learned is not executed.

Yes, there is a Philippine public administration as scholars, researchers, educators and students continue to delve into the study of public administration. The question is, “Is there a practice or application of Philippine public administration? First, what is public administration? Professor Pavilion P. Tenders, in his book entitled “Theory and Practice of Public Administration in the Philippines”, defined public administration as follows: Public administration refers to the composite of those activities and processed concerned primarily with the means of carrying out government programs and policy objectives.

Such activities require organization and direction of power and authority and the employment of those techniques to bring about reconciliation of contributions and rewards and balance of demands and satisfaction. It implies the presence of hierarchy for implementation of programs within the framework of rules and regulations. Just recently, the government heralded that the Philippine economy as significantly improved as the Gross Domestic Product of the country registered an increase at 7. % in the first quarter of this year. Professor Eleanor Britons affirmed that such increase in GAP is an attestation that our economy is healthy. However, she admitted that this increase was induced solely by the amount of spending that the government incurred during the 2013 senatorial and local elections. To wit, the government spent IPPP billion during the election that as bulky as it is that it did certainly boost up the GAP of the country. Now that the election is over, will this increase be sustained?

So, where are we in as far as application or practice of public administration is concerned? Is the study of Philippine public administration enough so we can say that Philippine public administration does exist? The world is not getting younger Just as we are getting older. It’s high time that we gear up and work together towards the realization of a common goal: to improve the quality of life of each ordinary citizen of this country. If this goal is finally achieved, then there is really a Philippine public administration.

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