Is the Government doing enough about our TFR? Assignment

Is the Government doing enough about our TFR? Assignment Words: 383

In 1984 to promote marriages among graduate singles, while the Social Development Services (SD) was set up In 1985 to promote marriages among non-graduate singles. The two units were merged on 28 January 2009 to reap economies of scale, enlarge the outreach, and provide more opportunities for singles to meet. The aim of this unit is to bring two individuals together. This is, however, not the solution to the problem at hand. It is an inborn trait in animals, much less humans, to find mates.

So then, if it is not the finding of partners that is the problem, what is? The high cost of living in Singapore is the core reason as to why couples are discouraged to procreate. The baby bonuses are removed when the child turns six years-old. Singapore are also complaining that raising kids is difficult because of prohibitive housing rates and soaring school costs. The pressure to be more productive in the office is also cited as a reason why couples are postponing or canceling their plans of having kids of their own. Education, which

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Is free In welfare countries such as Europe, Is expensive In Singapore. Secondary and Tertiary education aside, primary school education Itself Is expensive. With prices constantly on the rise In Singapore, and animal help from the government, It Is no wonder Singapore want to either have only one child or none at all. In Europe, in which paternity leave is allowed for either working parent to take care of the child, parents face little problem in taking care of their little one. In Singapore however, only maternity leave is allowed.

It is because of this, that much inconvenience is caused. The mother, going through all the emotional and physical stress after breathing life into a child, is in no condition to walk properly, much less take care of the baby’s needs. It is not enough for the parents if the mother is given only a minimum 16 weeks leave to adjust to a new life. All In all, the government Is certainly not doing enough. The baby bonus scheme, Is not attractive enough to “persuade” couples to have children, and neither Is the little rest given to the mother after the physical labor she went through.

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