Influence of Media Onstudents Assignment

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Almost every channel, there something inappropriate for. Children go to school and come home by four or five and most will head straight to the television. Prime time television is the time period where the most people watch television at the same time, usually be;en up. M. To about 1 1 p. M. Over the years, prime time have changed a lot. It used to be ‘family time’ when it aired shows that was all ages appropriate. Now prime time television airs mainly shows that recommended for ages 14 and up. With comparing The Brady Bunch and 90210, both shows aired on prime time have a huge preference in content.

The Brady Bunch aired about 40 years ago was about regular family problems with a comedy but still appropriate. 9021 0 involves teenage pregnancy, consuming alcohol and drugs. This generation sees consuming alcohol and drugs as normal. Because drinking alcohol has become so common between teenagers, some parents justify drinking and hold ‘drinking parties’ so teenagers don’t have to sneak alcohol from parents and won’t have to drive home under the influence. According to American Academy of Children & Adolescent Psychiatry study, children will see over 00,000 violent acts before they are 18.

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Specifically, children programming displays about 20 violent acts every hour. These studies have shown behavioral problems among young kids have increased over the years because of watching violent television. Some children will imitate the acts they see and use them against other kids. University of Maine study shows watching too much television can lead to childhood obesity. Obesity in America have been increasing especially in young children and television a major factor. Since kids are spending their time watching television they are to getting physical activity.

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