Industrialization and Imperialism Assignment

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Prototype: the Dutch Advances on Java Initially the first Dutch colony of Batavia on Java struggled to survive and became me vassals to the Sultans of Amtrak, who ruled Java. Later they would get involved in regional conflict between the princes and picked sides that would give them I and. By 1 ass’s they controlled much of Java. Pivot of World Empire: The Rise of the British Rule in India Very similar to the Dutch capture pajama. The British often meddled in conflict between local princes. They used a practice of France relying on native troops they recruited

Suppose. The British Raja (Cantilevered name for the British political establishment in India) grew in power as local princes fought themselves over power. A key battle was the Battle of Pleases , when 3000 British forces defeated an army of over 50,000 Indian troops. Robert Clive the commander of British already won before the battle started by well paid Indian spies and traitors. The Consolidation of British Rule Shortly after the battle the British slowly carved their way deeper inland and c Cast obtaining 3 trading cities; Bombay, Madras, and Calcutta.

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They became Presidencies, or administrative centers of British ruled India. They often Indian princes on t heir thrones to rule Princely states to control their kingdoms through agents stations at rulers court. Early Colonial Society in India and Java The Europeans had to adapt to new cultures and ways of the natives, because their traditional clothing wouldn’t work. Also very little women colonized to mix ma ranges or relations would from. In the 19th century social class of colonized and cool nicer were very distinguished.

Social Reform in the Colonies Initially very corrupt, local administrators exploited thing they were Nabobs, then Lord Charles Cornwallis redistricted things with mistrust of Indians and locals. Ram Noun Roy( Indian) assisted with banning sati. Us Mary: British promoted policies they believed would teach Indian peasantry the mere its of thrift and hard work. They lectured the children of Indian’s rising middle classes on the importance of emulating their European masters in matters as diverse as being mastering literature/ education. Manically these values would turn against them in the struggle of independence. Industrial Rivalries and the Partition of the World, 1870-1914 The spread of the Industrial Revolution from the British Isles to continental E rope and North America resulted In ever higher levels of European and American involvement the outside world. Beginning in the sass, the Europeans indulge deed in an orgy of overseas conquests that reduced most of Africa, Asia and pacific region n to colonial possessions by the time of the outbreak of WWW in 1914.

Empires had come the property and pride of the nations of Europe and North America. Unequal Combat: Colonial Wars and the Apex of European Imperialism Industrialization made justification for European colonization of easier to ace Eire. Europeans had a crap ton of great guns, transportation, and technology. Who could fight guns with swords and horses? Even great empires like the Chinese and Vietnamese realized their power and didn’t fight(although there was some re’s stance) and interior African nations fell as well, They were unstoppable.

Battle of Asian liana, victory at first but soon African Zulus would fall. Patterns of Dominance: Continuity and Change The Europeans’ sense of their own uniqueness and superiority, heightened by unparalleled scientific and technological achievement, led to major changes in economic, social, and cultural relations with colonized people. The demand of Western learning on the part of the elite and middle classes of colonized peep less in Africa and Asia rose sharply, eventually creating a counterforce to European domination. There were Settlement colonies, which had White Dominion.

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