Government: United States and Popular Sovereignty Assignment

Government: United States and Popular Sovereignty Assignment Words: 301

How have the concepts of Popular Sovereignty, Rule of Law and tolerance developed through time? The writers of the Constitution who are better known as the Founding Fathers have given us their perspectives and ideas on these concepts. These Ideas have built what is now called our Constitution. Popular Sovereignty Is defined as a type of political power. The people are also able to organize their government. We the people give the government permission to rule over us but we can also control “ho we have In our office. Popular Sovereignty Is replaced with language, religion ND race.

Secondly our next principal Is called the Rule of Law. The Rule of law Is a component that helps achieve Justice. In government , Justice means we, the united Sates have a legal system. We are all treated equally and should know our legal system. This component Is one of the most Important ones we have. The last component Is Tolerance. Tolerance Is allowing people to do what they want even If you do not like it. You do not have to accept it as long as you respect their liberty as Nell as yours. If you side with these three components then you would side with our action.

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The Constitution is one of the most important living documents we still have today. The Treaty in Paris, The Constitution, President Woodrow Wilson Fourteen points, United Nations Charter, and Declaration of Independence which were all ideas and examples of Popular Sovereignty, Rule of Law and Tolerance. These are some of the ideas that have developed through time. Celebrating the Independence of our country is very significant day when it comes toughly 4, 1776. This is also a great example of these three very important pillars in the constitution.

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