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Government Shutdown Assignment Words: 1011

To inform my audience what the Government shut down is. I. Introduction A. Attention Material: Imagine waking up on a work day and not going to work. Not because you’re sick or because you want to play hooky, but because your job has been shut down until further notice. This was the case for an estimated 800,000 federal employees. (Puller) B. Tie to the audience: I’m sure that all of us at this point have heard about the government shutdown. Most of us aren’t directly affected by the shutdown, but there re a great deal that are indirectly feted.

There is a great deal of information out there, but my goal today Is to give you a short explanation of what the shutdown actually entails. C. Credibility material: In 2011 while I was in Afghanistan I was informed that the government might be shutting down until they can come to an agreement on the new fiscal year’s budget. For a few hours on October 1st 2011 the government shut down. We were told we were not going to be getting paid. Luckily for us this was for only a happening again, though it is not affecting all military personal this time. D.

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Preview: I will explain three different aspects of the government shutdown. I will be informing you on why the government has shut down, how Obama care is tied to the shutdown, and what it means for government employees. [Transition: Let’s start by explaining why the government has shutdown. ] II. Body A. The first step is to understand why the government has shut down. 1 . Every year by October 1st the House of Senate have to agree on 12 different appropriations bills that fund federal agencies as well as setting a spending budget for the year. . This mime the House of Representatives decided that they wanted to use the funds from Patient Protection and Affordable Care, what most of you know as Obama Care in order to fund the rest of the Government. (McCullough) After the bill was sent to the Senate they looked through it, sent it back and said they were not going to agree to the terms. After this the House then sent back a version that would delay the Obama Care Act for one year. This again was rejected by the Senate. 3. Because the U. S.

Congress has not passed how they are going to spend the funds for the next fiscal ear the Federal Government is shut down. [Transition: Now that you are familiar Ninth why the government is shutdown, I am going to explain more about Obama Care and how it is effecting the shutdown. ] B. 1 . The President reiterates on September this press conference about the Affordable Care Act. He states that the bill was passed and that “An important part of the Affordable Care Act takes effect tomorrow, no matter what Congress decides to do today. The Affordable Care Act is moving forward.

That funding is already in place. Vow can’t shut it down. This is a law that passed both houses of Congress, a law that bears my signature, a law that the Supreme Court upheld as constitutional, a law that v’deters chose not to repeal last November” ( Obama, Barack) 2. On October 1st after both parties failed to come to a conclusion on what to do about the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) President Obama stated in his speech that this was the cause, ‘Republicans in the House of Representatives refused to fund the government unless En defended or dismantled the Affordable Care Act. Due to the objection of Obama Care he continues explaining that “They’ve shut down the government over an Ideological crusade to deny affordable health insurance to millions of Americans. ” [Transition: Now that you have an idea of why the government shutdown I am now going to explain what this means for those employed by the Government] . Fortunately for some the laws and regulations that govern shutdowns have separated our federal workers into two classes, those of “essential” and “non- essential” positions. 1.

Essential positions are those that are necessary for our country to function. Some of the Jobs included in this are al emergency services, military, the post office, social security benefits, air travel, food stamps, and unemployment checks. This is Just a sum of some of the Jobs that are titled essential. According to the Washington Post, those who are pegged essential should continue to retroactive for the pay they are entitled. The U. S. Military though will continue to be paid regardless of how long the shutdown last. 2. Non-essential positions include pretty much everyone else.

If you go on post to try and go grocery shopping you will mind yourself at closed doors, try to go to Yosemite National Park and you will see them roped off, and so on. A few other examples are civil cases will be suspended, more than 400 national parks and museums, agencies in charge of regulations, other than checks that are sent out, Social Security offices will also remain closed, Women’s, Infants, and Children (WICK) will also be closed. There are a great deal of people that are being affected by the shutdown. (Puller) 3. This is Just a small breakdown of the people that are going to be affected and not affected by the shutdown.

Depending on how long the shutdown last, will determine how long some “non-essential” businesses will be open. Hires a little glimpse at what President Obama stated in his October 1st speech in regards to employees of the federal government. “And while last night I signed legislation to make sure our 1. 4 million active duty military are paid through the shutdown, hundreds of thousands of civilian workers, many still on the Job, many forced to stay home arena being paid, even if they have families to support and local businesses that rely on them. ” (Obama Seep. )This is Just a glimpse of what we are going to be going through.

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