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To promote a mobility that is efficient, safe, secure and environmentally friendly and to create the conditions for a competitive industry generating growth and Jobs. (SEC, 2014) Trade (TRADE) “Alms to listen to all Input so that the policy most accurately reflects ELK society’s values and interests as a whole. ” (SEC, 2014) The Monarch Current Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II Responsibilities Opening each new session of parliament: ere State Opening of Parliament is the most colorful event of the Parliamentary [ear. It is also the most important, because it brings together the three elements of the legislature (the House of Commons, the House of Lords and The Queen). The ceremony therefore represents the Crown in Parliament.

As Head of State, it is the duty of The Queen formally to open each new session of Parliament. Identifying new peers: ere queen puts forward her opinion on who should become a lord and what they have to contribute to the house. The Appointments Panel – an independent advisory DOD that helps to decide who becomes a non-party political peer, controls these nominations. The monarch gives ‘final approval’ to all laws ‘Queen Elizabeth signs her name to every Act of Parliament before it can become the law of the land. It would be very unusual for her to refuse. No monarch has refused Parliament’s wishes for over 300 years. (parliament. UK, 2013) Central Government Current Prime minister: David Cameron ‘Central government has the main responsibility of running the country. They are in charge of developing and implementing policy and for drafting laws as well as ending most of the country spending. ” (Lancashire County Council, 2013) House of Lords Current leader of the House of Lords: The Lord Hill of Reform (Parliament, 2013) Law creation: Puts forward plans for new laws (with in the bill) Scrutiny: This includes Analyzing what the current government is doing and questioning and criticism as a form of control. Also, Independent expertise.

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The lords conduct a ‘rarity of investigations and inquiries and give advice to the government. Life peers provide expertise in a specific sector, for example: Lord Alan Sugar, expertise in equines, finance and investment. House of Commons Current Leader of the House of Commons: Art Hon. Andrew Langley CUBE PM (Parliament Making laws- over half of their time is doing this. This is done through many stages. ere commons make laws to make our country better, taking ideas from PM to create these laws. Controlling Finance- Through taxes and selling of government assets. Head of state building; Opening Bucking Palace and renting out buildings, e. . Tow halls) By doing this, the commons are freeing up and creating funds to be used else-where within government. Scrutiny- Evaluates how the government is being run. The commons gives there opinion on matters in government, that opinion is based on their constituency and how they will be effected. Delegated legislation- Monitors new laws through the Local authorities and councils. This means that the MSP monitor and report back how decisions made in the house are implemented and effecting there constituency. Devolved Parliaments First Officers: Scottish Parliament; The Right Hon. Alex Salmons MSP Noels Assembly; Art.

Hon. Camera Jones AM Northern Ireland Assembly; Art Hon. Peter D Robinson ML Devolution is the transfer of powers from a central to a regional authority. The Scotland Act 1998 (an Act of the I-J Parliament), The Welsh Government Act 1998 and ere Northern Ireland Act 1998 created a devolved Parliament in each country of the UK and passed to it the powers to make laws on a range of issues. These powers Nerve extended by the Scotland Act 2012 and The Government of Wales Act 2006. The issues upon which the Scottish, Welsh or IN Parliament can make laws are known as devolved matters.

However, some issues – in general, those with a I-J-wide or International impact – remain the responsibility of the I-J Parliament alone. The issues upon which only the I-J Parliament can make laws are known as reserved matters. Regional Governments Current Head of East Midlands Regional Government: Stuart Long Regional Planning. This type of planning is for larger developments. For example; new developments that would need regional planning would include; Stadiums, tower blocks/ flats and other large developments. Regional Housing. This is typically known as council houses.

Regional housing will asses peoples need for a house, if cause housing estate could cross between local authorities; this could create confusion. Advocacy and Policy Development. Accountability. Local Authorities Current PM for Burton and Texture: Andrew Griffith ‘We’re responsible for the environmental issues that affect your quality of life. This Includes looking at the suitability of major planning developments like waste disposal sites and mineral extraction, We also oversee the disposal of domestic rubbish at "asset disposal sites. ” (Staffordshire County Council, 2012) Register: Births, marriages and deaths.

This is done on a local scale, registering approve. ; 70,000 people. Most towns have a registration office, ran by the county council (In Burton, ran by Staffordshire) Planning. This is your day-to-day, small planning applications – small enough to be dealt with by the local authority. For example; home extensions, home exterior changes and building a house on a plot. Tax collecting. This is partly where local authorities and regional government get there funding from. Roads and public transport. Local authorities will have a certain area of roads, maintaining and keeping hem in order for the public – using taxpayers money to do this.

Education. Each local authority control an area, in that area there are schools. Government funds are then passed on to schools; the amount would be decided by the size of the school and area it is situated in. Recreation and Amenities. Cemeteries and war memorials County Councils: Education. Emergency Planning. Public Transport. The authorities work with private companies (Arrival and Midland Classic are local) to provide services for the public, ensuring people can travel around and have access to these services. Refuse Disposal. Highways and Traffic.

We work on road maintenance, major road restructuring and resurfacing projects, weather proofing and surface dressing. Our highway safety inspectors ensure that the network is kept in a safe condition throughout the Hear.

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