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This means it controls all personal information used by an organizations, government or business and anyone who is in charge of keeping data’s must abide by the data protection principle (Anon. , n. D. ). This principle covers but computerized and manual records. Equalities Act 2010 – the equality acts legally protect people from discrimination in workplace and society. This comprises of all the 116 acts which has been in place for discrimination into one act such as Sex Discrimination Act 1 975, the Equality pay act 1 970 etc (Anon. , 2014).

This is mainly to avoid exploitation of the employers and it ensures that all procedures, policies and regulations are been complied with. 1. 4 Job description Employees contract policy documents staff handbook Question 2 2. 1 My contract of employment include hours of work, which entails the hours of work and number of days am entitled to work in a week. Probationary period, this include the number of months and how my performance will be review to know if I am suitable for the job or not. Remuneration, this is the amount which I will be paid per hour and when the payment will commence.

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Place of work, this is the place of my employment and where it is located. Flexibility, this is condition of employment that under reasonable notice will be rendered or assigned alternative duties. Criminal Record Bureau Check, this states that the position that I applied for need to have a criminal record check. References, this states that I need a reference from two different employers to be able to get the position. 2. 2 There are three tables in my pay slip. Department payment method payment period The first column on my paisley is for the department in which I worked.

The second column is the number of hours worked in each department. The third is the amount paid for hour, while the forth is the subtotal calculated for each department worked. The second TA blew covers payment method which is by bank and it consists of both tax and national insurance. The third table which is the payment period covers everything about tax and beneath is the total to be paid to the account. 2. 3 If don’t feel satisfied about my work or job will report to my line manager, if am not satisfied about his respond will take it to the chairperson in charge. 2. My personal information such as Medical issues- in case any health issues arise. Medication- in case it may have impact on work. Accidents, if I have accident, my employee has to be aware so that I am not even a task or position to comprise my health. Change of next of kin e. G. Marriage etc. External training which had that will benefit my work. New qualification contact- in case of moving house or change my contact 2. 5 The agreed way of working with my employer is that will have to work for ours per week, and will work on days in a week, will receive a minutes unpaid break each day.

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