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Petrol taxes are a very controversial topic of late, due to the ever rising living costs Britain is facing since the financial crisis of 2008. Many people are facing an uphill struggle financially on a daily basis. As costs are constantly rising, so are the costs of owning, maintaining and driving a vehicle. Millions of motorists in Britain rely on their cars to travel from A to B In their own convenience.

Petrol prices have already been raised by 38% since 2005 and weather the government decides to Increase the taxes further to discourage the use of cars Is another question. From the past we can e that as the taxes on petrol Increase, the number of people using public transport also has Increased. If the government decides to further Increase the taxes, more motorists will find It difficult to drive vehicles. This will persuade motorists to ditch their cars and use public transport. Public transport had both advantages and disadvantages.

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On one hand, public transport is much cheaper to travel on than using a car. Also using public transport will help lessen the effects of pollution and global warming as only one train/vehicle is being used to transport several people ether than each person using their individual cars. Furthermore public transport Hill also reduce traffic build up on roads due to there being fewer cars on the road. Also public transport has a large amount of routes, especially in big cities in Britain.

This means that public transport can be used to get places that may seem out of reach. Also using public transport means there is no need to find or pay for parking. On the other hand, public transport may seem a disadvantage to use rather than cars. Public transport is more inconvenient than the use of your personal car. In a car oh can travel comfortably and independently. Also if you do not live in big cities, not much public transport is available for use and it may be very hard to travel on.

Overall I believe that the government should increase taxes to persuade more people to use public transport to some extent. Using public transport is much easier to use in big cities rather than small towns. If the government does decide to increase taxes It will definitely discourage motorists, as shown in previous years. However some people may find it very hard to travel each and every day by public transport Instead of the comfort of their own car.

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