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The relationship between the Declaration and the Constitution The Declaration serves as the purpose document and the Constitution is the organizational document. The Constitution acts on the principles and beliefs written and expressed in the Declaration of Independence. 2) The first 52 words The first 52 words are the most important because they state the core purposes for which the constitution was written. Those six core purposes are used to Interpret he rest of the Constitution. 3) The various parts of the Constitution A.

The first 52 words B. How the three branches of government are to operate C. Amendment process and the relationship between the states E. Signatures 4) The three branches of government A. Legislative – The House of Representatives was given more power than the Senate. They borrow and coin money, set up post offices and roads, regulate commerce and Immigration, create an environment for good commerce, malting army, navy, maltase, declare war, conduct Impeachments, make laws limited to the SIX purposes In the first 52 words of the constitution, and oversee the District of Columbia.

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Congress also establishes the jurisdiction of the Court and has the power to impeach judges. B. Executive -The president is to be Commander in chief, appoint ambassadors, judges and officers, to enforce the laws of the united States, to sign treaties and receive ambassadors, to grant pardons, and to give the State of the Union to Congress. C. Judicial- Smallest part of the constitution.

The Supreme Court is to take appeals form citizens, courts and States, to make principled Judgments, to ensure Jury trials, and to uphold the Constitution. 5) The most important “take away” from the videos used to define the rest of the constitution and dictate the rest how the Constitution should be interpreted. I did not realize that the Constitution and the Declaration coincide together.

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