Fiscal Policy and Government Spending Assignment

Fiscal Policy and Government Spending Assignment Words: 712

As I look around today, our country is still trying to pull itself out of recession as the unemployment rates are still high as it slowly decreases, along with the costs of living, and its interest rates are nearly zero when economy is expected to be in a bad shape. As for taxes, the tax rate is also still very high itself. Although things have improved over the last couple of years, our country is still struggling to pull itself out of debt and avoid great recession.

Our fiscal and monetary policies have had an impact on somewhat of a mild recovery but a long ways to go. What would be the best strategic plan to go about to ensure a healthier and much more stable economy for the United States as a whole? If I were the president of the United States, I’d gather records of economic status and GAP growths today, ten years ago, and 20 years ago. I would identify when the economy was at its peak of success in the ten year mark and the twenty year and compare them with today’s rates.

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I would then look at components of those records that worked, along with the status of money apply, goods and services, and other relevant concepts that apply to our economic growths and downfalls and look at the supply and demands as well as when those were productive the most and what is today. I would look at the companies in today’s economy and identify which one’s have expanded their businesses into foreign countries.

With this information taken under analysis with deep strategic consideration, I would place a high tax on the businesses that expanded their companies in foreign countries as they are providing employment for foreigners at a heaper price, therefore benefiting on profits and increasing unemployment rates here in their own American country. I would also reconstruct the imported goods to a limit and start becoming independent where we are able.

This will allow for our money supply to increase its circulation within our country’s economy, therefore opening up opportunities for the economy to build itself up faster. The more money circulating within our country, the more unemployment rates will decrease enabling for investments and interest rates could increase because consumers will have much ore tangible money available. This is possible where inflation could stay constant. Another thing I would do is cut the government spending doing away with programs or businesses that have no obvious success.

There are a lot of programs that have been failing for quite some time and still in business. I would keep what is benefiting the people at a substantial rate as well as the economy as a whole. As economy progresses, this will also allow for tax rebates, the more the U. S. Become independent from foreign goods and services. For short term issues, buying applies at a minimum to meet aggregate supply and demand as needed to allow the building of economy to work back toward long term aggregate supply independence within the U.

S. Would be a way to look forward to pulling our economy out of recession and maintaining stability in the near future. Another idea I would suggest is to make trade-offs as needed for goods and services such as oil to meet the aggregate demands that is necessary for food with Iraq. As for long term effects on aggregate demand of medical funding like Medicaid and Medicare, I feel limiting the Immigrants allowed In ten unlace states may play a Log role In Limiting anneal n Issues that can be controlled outside of nature.

Implementing more green ways in manufacturing is also a way to help control environmental effects and maybe decrease sicknesses that have multiplied over the past decade. As a chairman of the Federal Government, I would impose higher interest rates on foreign investments of American businesses looking to expand, and set requirements that need to be met before the money supply is approved to allow for the United States revenues to be safeguarded and not supply the money for those businesses to infinite another country’s economy.

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