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This business is the part of altering way of human life. These days, such deviation of leisure has become more preferred by the general public, thus people at this instant are always unto food pleasures. As Tacloban City chases the shadow of globalization, different industries emerged in this under reform country to set as pillars of growth and improvement.

Hence in tourism & hospitality industries, specifically in the food business sector, there is totally a need of innovation and development to compete against other time- mproved cities such as Manila, Cebu & more as adversaries in contracting business individuals, for these investors are the vital foundation of a city’s business skeleton. Thus, the researchers deemed an enhancement to our city’s food business sector. Through that pre-thought idea of change, we proposed a business that local and foreign people will surely enjoy in Tacloban.

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A snack center inspired with westernized food sizing which offers foods which are served in a variety of pies ad complimented with a refreshing beverages and shakes. This is also to intend to satisfy completely the ustomer’s money and their demand. As an add-on feature of this snack center, we added WiFi connection for the customer to enjoy free access to internet as they dine in our establishment. Not after mentioned, the servers will be professional waiters with skills which also added good effect on the service system, for they are expected to serve food most efficiently.

Customers can also have take-out orders if they want to. The proposed business centralizes in serving a delicious and health conscious product in a more different and interesting way. Surely, customers would be served with mouth-watering snacks. Executive Summary The proposed business is of highly in demand every. vhere in the world. Being a part of the Food Industry gives a greater risk but if one is competent enough, a highly valued establishment will surely be created and appreciated that can spoil every individuals taste buds.

The name of our establishment will be Kakanin Republic since the filling of our product which is the pies are made from kakanin or delicacies like moron and binagol. One of our mission is to ser. ‘e and promote local delicacies to the localities and tourists, to provide employment to the local community and o let people encourage, appreciate, patronize our own local delicacies. This idea would delight and satisfy hundreds of customers who enjoy local delicacies of Leyte and Samar. The business venture will be general partnership where in everyone is involved in managing the business and the partners will provide the start-up funds.

Our establishment is located at argy 26 Corner Gomez St. and paterno St. , Tacloban City where most of the people tend to pass and it is also near in different shopping centers, schools and offices. Kakanin Republic was formed due to the overwhelming demand of the people on food. Our pies are complimented with different kinds of shakes. We will make sure that the price at stake for every choice of food is at an affordable price, yet rest assured that there is a satisfaction guaranteed for our customers. Our customers are our life priority and what they need is what they will get.

VISION To become efficient and effective entrepreneur satisfying the needs for every customer while rendering quality services using the products we are promoting. MISSION To give a new phase and show that native products will not just be as is, but it can be innovated through some means of creativity. And be one of the role model indicators, producers, and to give people a new perspective on fruits & vegetables. OBJECTIVES To provide good quality product that is suit to the taste of the customers at a reasonable price. To promote innovated native products to the locals of Samar and Leyte.

To ensure that quality service and customer satisfaction is rendered to every client. To practice and enhance one’s skills in entrepreneurship and apply it in the field. Provide job opportunity to the local community. Name and Nature of Business Kakanin Republic grew from small vendors in the downtown area that upplies sweet delicacies in the place of Tacloban. Owned and managed by well-rounded entrepreneurs, it aims to become the country’ s largest maker of tasty pies. With its tasty yet affordable pastries in various shapes, sizes, flavors and its hourly offering of hot pies.

Tacloban delicacies has become habit for many Taclobanon customers, while the Filipino diet is composed of rice and viand. Pies is also staple during breakfast and merienda. The neighborhood pies are typically a whole in the wall business. Business is no longer confined in Tacloban, and many homegrown branches are proving this n their own way. In the case of Kakanin Republic snack center, it is through the Filipino stomach. Kakanin Republic serves an upgraded delicacies that its roots from small town in Visayas region specifically in Leyte.

Kakanin Republic also has research and development facilities located at the argy. 26 corner Gomez St. and paterno St. , Tacloban City. Visitors from all over Leyte and Samar, and suburbs can enjoy the Kakanin Republic together with the local residents. They are always in for a treat, some of which are only found in eyte. Financial Statement Business Profile Business Name: Kakanin Republic Business Address: Brgy. 26 Corner Gomez St. and Paterno St. Business Location Background: ? Contact Nos. : Tel 143-1234 Mobile NOS. : 09266495105 Business Website: www. akaninrepublic. com. ph Nature of the Business: Snack center Business Officers: Regie T. Amon te Kevin B. De Veyra Alexander Garret P. Medalla Art Junthom Bastes Cyrille M. Martinez Keith LoraT. Sambitan Bradford A. Capoquian Franklin Charles Bicol Christine Joy R. Santos Philip A. Ellaso Sarah Jane G. Florendo Jessica P. Abilar Zyrell Jean R. Atenta Elaine M. Molino Desserie L. Daang A1 Ryan R. Escoro CHAPTER METHODOLOGY Market Study It comprises the description of current market, anticipated future market potential, general environment factor and market segmentation.

There are several ways to conduct our own research and information to current market for new ideas like data from the Internet, Questionnaire through random sampling by chance to identify who are our target markets and who will support our product and also by getting secondary data from various government offices in the area. Through these, we can identify the needs and wants of our target market. It is vital that a market-oriented business nderstands as much as possible about its customers and the way in which they are already being served by competitors.

This said method is particularly important in launching a new product. We used it to aim at reducing the risk of failure. It tries to find out how the customer will react to the new product. If they are negative in their findings, then either the product is shelved, or adjustments are made. Industrial analysis In many cases, this method of study focuses on the social impact of some sort of economic change. Such changes might include a closing factory, market anipulation, the signing of international trade treaties, etc.

The causes of socioeconomic impacts include new technologies such as cars or mobile phones, changes in laws, changes in the physical environment and ecological may affect patterns of consumption, the distribution of incomes and wealth, the way in which people behave and the overall quality of life. The goal of socioeconomic study is generally to bring about socioeconomic development, usually in terms of improvements in metrics such life expectancy, literacy, levels of employment, etc. In this study, the researchers can initialize how to dapt the business to the community’s behaviour.

Technical Study For this method, things Will be assessing the details on our product distribution and service by identifying the characteristic of the product, pre- planning the stage on how to produce the product, modern equipment which is needed as well as the physical location of our business and other important logistics of how our business will run. The financial details about the facilities and equipment are presented in this tool. The floor plan and the building lay- out are also showcased here, as well as the electrical lay-out to have a better mage of the edifice.

It also encloses the business location which is very integral to the feasibility study. Waste management is all plotted in this tool to address the environmental and societal problems. Organization and Management Study The researchers in this segment are deeming of the organizational work chart for a good flow of operation as well as the salary expenditures to justly compensate the whole staff that are needed in the firm. Working on the benefits of the prospected number of staff is altruistically given, such as SSS, Phil. Health and other company incentives.

Trainings and other dvancements are handled and offered by the company to give them a way on how to improve and foster their skills and know-how about things which are related to their job scope. Financial Study A part of the feasibility study that projects the pre-operating expense and the capital with its sources, return of investment and other financial deliberations. Firm’s venture will be a corporation, where in everyone is involved in managing the business and each member will provide the start-up fund. The sales forecast was based on the result of the market survey conducted.

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