Ethical Dilemmas in Public Administration Assignment

Ethical Dilemmas in Public Administration Assignment Words: 530

The implementation of secretarial order 3288 which is the federal government ethics guide. Every bureau will have a GAS-14 or higher fulfillment ethics employee counselor responsible for ethical concerns of the employees. Every employee Is required to read the ethical gulled and malting high ethical standards. Every employee must continue to maintain high ethical standards, honesty, impartiality, integrally and conduct.

The use of position for private and personal gain s forbidden by ethics. “Public service is a public trust, requiring employees to place loyalty to the Constitution, the laws and ethical principles above private gain. ” Therefore, public employees should not engage in any activity that may lead to private gain while Jeopardizing the publics trust. Employees at all-time should act in an impartial manner, and always think of their obligation to the citizens and the public. The objective is to avoid any action that may Jeopardize the agency and cause the public to lose trust.

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Outside business that leads to private gain is prohibit and an cause the Individual to lose their Job. Outside business example is an example of personal gain by using employee time and property for personal business that do not pertain to the job. “Government employees are not allowed to use business time or property to pursue their outside business adventures. ” Therefore a person cannot fax personal business documents, use the agencies computer to set appointments for their outside business. All of this is a direct violation of the ethics guide.

Conflict of interest is prohibits “federal employees from participating personally ND substantial in an official capacity in a particular manner that would have a direct and predictable effect of the financial interest on the employee, relatives, or an organization in which the employee served as officer, trustee, General partner or employee. ” Employees should not arrange or award contracts or funnel services that may help or benefit the employee or their family. It Is a conflict because the employee Is responsible to assure that bids and contracts or any other financial Interest are disbursed and bldg upon fairly among the community.

If an employee knows that their participation in a certain matter may lead to a conflict they should make someone aware in order to avoid violating the ethics. Penalties for violating the conflict of interest statue can lead to Jail time, flees and or probation. Therefore if you have any interest in a matter, you cannot participate in that matter and taking any official action. Also employees should not accept a gift that can influence their influence in an official act or to accept a gift which can interfere with decision making.

Conflict of interest could be violated Just by being a board member of an organization. Any relationship that can cause conflict Is a violation to the ethics. If an employee suspects that they may be In violation of the ethic they should disclose the Information to someone prior to acting. Measures a person can take to prevent it from happening. Ethics are important because it helps keep the public trust in the agencies that serve them.

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