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My change of opinion started when learned the details of the origins of the Populist party. Arising in the late 1 9th century, the Populists were a grass- tots political party comprised mostly of discontented southern and western farmers. Among other issues, the Populists were known for two key things: the free, unlimited coinage of silver and public ownership of railroads and communications. (www. Americanization rules. Com/unit/docs/ Popularity. PDF) The Populist party supported candidate James Weaver in the election of 1892.

Weaver was only able to gain 22 electoral votes and just over 1 million popular votes, a small piece of the pie but a sizable piece; 22 electoral votes could easily win or lose a presidency, even by today’s tankards. Now, back to the main issues supported by the Populists: the free, unlimited coinage of silver and public ownership of railways and communications. In my opinion, these two issues were extremely bad ideas for the nation, especially one generation out of fighting the Civil War.

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Like many things in our system of government, the Electoral College is far from perfect. Many electors’ decisions are now swayed by what is best for the party or the individual state rather than the nation as a whole. However, the Electoral College is, by my opinion, far better qualified to render a decision on electing the country’s president than the masses. During this last presidential election, l, personally, was appalled by the lack of information voters had, hush causing votes cast without consideration to the repercussions in the management of this nation.

It seemed that people only cared about what they were going to get, personally, and not what was best for the nation as a whole. Philosopher John Locke determined that human beings, although equal, are inherently selfish. That is why we have the need to be governed. Without a qualified electoral representative to carefully weigh the important decision on choosing an executive leader, an election could be vulnerable to mob rule, allowing any rabble rouser to take control of the presidency.

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