Enhancing Public Accountability Through E-Government Assignment

Enhancing Public Accountability Through E-Government Assignment Words: 418

The measures were approved in Just one session instead of going through the procedure prescribed in the internal rules of the Local Government Code. There was no public hearing regarding the matter, the ordinance was enacted without the required first, second and third reading, and no referral to the appropriate committee. The approval of the resolution illegally gave Mayor Achievers a blanket approval for his actions concerning the expenditure of public funds of the city and that was not allowed.

New Terms: Local Government Code – It is the governing law on local governments which shall roved for a more accountable and responsive local government structure instituted through a system of decentralization. It also empowers local governments to enact local tax measures, including real property taxes. Analysis: In accordance with the Local Government Code Title 3, Local Legislation, the enactment of ordinances or resolutions undergoes a certain procedure in which it indicates conducting sessions, explaining the proposed ordinance or resolution, recording of the proceedings and approving or vetoing the said ordinance or resolution.

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Sessions are usually open to the public to show transparency and reducibility of the subject matter, unless a closed-door session is ordered by a majority of the members present, in the publics interest or for reasons of security, decency or morality. In the article the petitioner stated that these said rules were violated by the government officials, and so making the enactment and approval of the said resolution and ordinance questionable.

As to the study of APACE “Good government” plays an important role in the development process, and “requires the highest standards of integrity, openness and transparency’. Some of the main requisites for good governance include: accountability and transparency in the sharing of information, separation of powers, effective internal and external audit, and competence of public servants. Action towards curtailing corruption is perceived as a commitment towards creating good government. As such, discussion of corruption is almost always conducted within the framework of good governance.

A survey conducted by the Transparency International finds that corruption in the public sector takes the same form, whether one is dealing with a developed or developing country. The areas of government activities most vulnerable to corruption are: Public procurement ; Rezoning of land ; Revenue collection ; Government appointments; and ; Local government This information shows how despite the advancements of other countries, the same problems still subsist, corruption is still very rampant in all parts of the world.

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