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Then once you step outside your eyes dart directly to the horizon where you see all these beautiful hills and placed strategically across all the hills are these little homes spread out everywhere. Then we hop Into this old broken town taxi that looks like it will leave you stranded on the side of the rode and head off to our hotel. Now the roads in Dominican Republic are nothing like the roads in the US. They have gaping potholes throughout most of the road, also here are minimal to none road sign or traffic lights; if there are most of the natives choose to Ignore them.

Driving In the Dominican Republic Is a constant panic attack, but one you reach your resort It’s all worth It. We finally reach the pearly white gates of our resort and as we pull in and drive slowly down the coble road there are these beautiful florescent flowers hidden among the elongated tress along the road. We pull up to the front of the resort and they exchange our bags for these bright pink fruity drinks with those cute little umbrellas in them. Then they lead my family and I to our rooms and as they stopped in front of the door that would be my room the anticipation only grew stronger.

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They slid the key card in the slot and slowly opened my door and my mouth Just dropped. Beyond the door was this beached themed room, on the wall where pictures of the scenery of the island, the bed was queen size and as I laid on it you I could feel it molding to my body. Across the room I drew back the curtains to see a view of the one of the pools in the resort and as scoop out to see what would be my prime Nanning spot I notice beyond the horizon that I could see the beach. I decided to explore more.

The smile throughout the alarm was Intoxicating; It was mix between all the flowers throughout the resort and pure clean air. I wanted to breath It all In and wrap myself in it. The temperature was better than that of Florida, it was nice and warm without all the humidity, and it was heaven for my hair! For food this place had buffets set up for breakfast, lunch and dinner, rows and rows of food from an omelet to pasta bars to endless supply of Managua, which Is a traditional Dominican breakfast ell that consist of mashed plantains with fried cheese and salami on the side, top with a fried egg.

It’s Like heaven for your taste buds. The pools are a clear blue with these Aztec murals made up different shades of blue titles on the floor. The best part of the resort would have to be the spa they. All throughout the resort including on the beach are these little shops where they sell Jersey and figurines. The jewelry is gorgeous; they have these amber stones that are a dark chocolate brown with hint of golden yellow In them. They also have hand carved wooden figurines.

One of the best parts of being In Dominican Republic Is hands down watching the sunrise and throughout the sky is Just takes your breath away. Beyond the walls of the resort is the natural beauty of Dominican Republic. The beaches with their crystal clear water you can see straight to the bottom. The sand is as white as paper and as soft as cotton you Just want to run your fingers through it. With the warming rays of the sun hitting your back, an overwhelming feeling of calm just comes over your body. Then you all those hills out in the country.

The scenery alone will make you feel at one with yourself. The feeling of the hard rock under your feet, as your hands pass over so those slimy wet vines. Knowing you’re getting close that one place you hear all those people are talking about. Finally reaching what people call the Holy Grail. Looking up to see this majestic waterfall. Careful not to slip on the slippery rocks, I slowly go in the water is cold as ice but feels so good on my hot sweaty skin. Running my fingers through the water you can see little schools of fishes swimming in the water.

As you slowly look up the sun hits the waterfall almost like a spotlight and feeling the sun on your face, the noise around you seems to melt away and you feel as if you’re the only person in the world there. There are many places around the world that you could choose to go on vacation to. So many beautiful places, but if I had to choose I would choose the Dominican Republic all over again. The clear blue water and white sandy beaches alone would draw anyone there but it all the natural beauty that it has to offer that makes me keeping coming back for more.

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