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For example, affirmative action has been put into place within our country in order to avoid discrimination against those minorities and also women. This ensures that jobs which are predominantly dominated by white males are opened up to other minorities, women included. Along with this, a public service that has been changed is education. Bilingual education has been implemented in order to cater for the students who may not speak English and so will need other languages at their disposal in order to take classes.

Affirmative Action One of the main factors, that are leading the way when it comes to automation ethnic and racial diversity, is affirmative action. Policies and laws which are governed by affirmative action affect all aspects of public administration. Affirmative action is defined as laws or policies which work against discrimination, by ensuring “individual’s color, race, sex, religion or national origin are taken into account by a business or the government in order to increase the opportunities provided to an underrepresented part of society. (Investigated, 2015). Also, affirmative action policies are put in place in order to create both educational possibilities and employment opportunities for minority groups. Affirmative Action Plans Public sectors are governed by affirmative action, which means that every agency and bureau has to abide by the rules and guidelines that come along with it. When thinking about public administration, the affirmative action plans directly affect the way the hiring processes due to the administrators having an obligation to follow the affirmative action plans in place.

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The intention of the affirmative action plans is to reduce discrimination against minorities, women and those who have disabilities. The statistical analysis gathers information to ensure that companies are employing individuals from arioso minorities into their work force. Affirmation action plans (APP) are created using statistical analyses of “the employer’s “industrialization” of individuals from certain protected classes” (Personnel policy Service, Inc, 2015). There are some companies which are required to implement APS, this only applies to those who “that do business with the federal government”.

In some cases, affirmation action plans can be done both voluntarily and court ordered, depending on the situation. The voluntary plans are put in place in order to “remedy past adverse impact against particular protected classes. For example, an employer may implement a plan to encourage more women to apply for a job category traditionally dominated by men. ” (Personnel Policy Service, Inc, 2015). Whereas, the court ordered plans are in place as a “remedy for discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII). ” (Personnel Policy Service, Inc, 2015).

Views Affirmative action is commonly viewed in a negative way; this view generally comes from the public. There is a common misconception that companies would choose someone of a minority who was under qualified over a white American who had all the correct qualifications. Just because the law states that minority groups have to be considered and employed by companies does not mean that this is the case. The affirmative action process allows all applicants, regardless of minority, the right to equal competency but does not mean that the minority applicants have an advantage.

It just ensures that companies are not allowing careers to be dominated by white males; minority groups can also be included into these careers. In addition, there is also a misconception that affirmative action will require a company to repetitively hire minorities over whites regardless of job skills. Affirmative action only applies when here is an imbalance within the work force, other than this situation there is no need for affirmative action. Also, this does not mean that if a white male was to be the one discriminated that he does not have the same rights.

The increasing diversity in demographics in the US has caused various public administrators to view affirmative action as more of hindrance rather than a help when it comes to productive management of the government. In fact, it is conceived that affirmative action actually has a negative effect on the laws and policies in place. Administrators also believe hat affirmative action policies are crippling the HRS departments, and therefore it is actually having a negative effect on diversity.

There is always going to be a large amount of debate as to whether affirmative action is a negative or positive influence on our country. There are a good number of individuals who disagree with it due to the fact that it is favoring the minorities over the majorities. It is reality that white males have dominated the work forces for years. The work force has evolved greatly over the years, coming from white men having the higher paid manager and supervisor sections and the minorities and women having the lower paid jobs. Today, anyone has a chance at a job regardless of minority or gender.

This just goes to show that policies such as those put in place by affirmative action have greatly impacted our country for the better as well as having its draw back as a lot of people like to point out. Bilingual Education Due to the population of the US growing in both size and racial and ethnic diversity, laws which are encouraging diversity could be outdated and also unneeded. Diversity is becoming less of an issue, what policies are now ginning to focus on are the language concerns that public services are now facing. Education is one of the main places where these policies can be seen being implemented.

The public education system has introduced bilingual education, which is “a form of education in which information is presented to the students in vivo (or more) languages. ” (University of Michigan, 2015). Another area where it is becoming apparent is within the hiring process, more and more companies are looking for individuals who are bilingual so that they can cater for a greater percentage of the citizens without hitting engage barriers. A good number of administrators believe that this type of improvement will be more beneficial that the affirmative action as the years pass.

This is due to the fact that the US is going to be home to more and more non white citizens and also those who do not speak English. Conclusion In conclusion, the ethnic and racial diversity that has been increasing within the United States has had various impacts on the public services and also how the public administrators manage them. Affirmative action is one of the oldest policies in place which is in place to help with discrimination against he minorities within this country. There are various views on this subject and public administrators have been slit on their views of its effectiveness and the effects it has had on the country.

More recently, as diversity increases more and more instead of working against discrimination which has become less of a problem the government has to work against the language concerns within the country. This stems from education through all the various public services. Things such as bilingual education have improved the situation in schools and also within the work forces employees who speak multiple engages have been sourced in order to ensure that language barriers are less off concern.

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