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Democracy in America POS/110 June 2, 2013 We live in this country for the land, and the for the free as Americans we rely on many attributes in this world in order for us to live our lives. Our government has supplied us with many great things for us to be proud of. Our government is “the institutions and processes though which public policies are made for society. ” (Edwards, Wattenberg, and Eyeliners, p. 7). With all these institutions which includes the President, Congress, the courts and all the federal administrative agencies. These are the institutions that make up public policies for us, and to shape he way we live as Americans.

The way this system has been operating through all the years has been fair, yet sometimes controversial to some. What should change to shape the way we live is a fair government where corruptness will not take place. Politics is where the corruptness has happen through the years many political figures has shown there side of corruptness. Politics is “the process that determines who we select as our governmental leaders and what polices these leaders pursue. Politics produces authoritative decisions about public issues”. (Edwards, Wattenberg, and Eyeliners, p. 9).

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What makes politics good is that we as Americans gets to pick who we want to make our lives different, and make it better. This has been the process for some time now, and it only has gotten better. What makes it bad is that sometimes those that we do select to make a difference does not live up to their promises. That is why our government is corrupt because all the lies and the broken promises so many leaders have stated. We have been blessed with some who have made a difference, and made our lives some what better but, we will always be on the short end of the stick to some political figures not all of them.

Most policy makers want to make a change to make the American people happy then we have many who try their best to answer the American people, but it can still be some what difficult. You win some and lose some when it concerns policies and how they try their best to make difference. We might see a change in certain aspects of things, but some how something will effect that change. Take for instance the economy Congress, and the president are expected to keep the economy booming, or they may suffer at the poles by the voters. The economy has been bad for a while and I believe it is picking up, but we have suffered a great deal.

Take for example the of us do not understand, but we see how prices are going up and more people are unemployed. We as Americans have to follow all these policies that are given to us in order to live the life we want. There is always going be changes concerning policies which our leaders will debate about, but I would change that by trying to stick with what is working instead of always bouncing around and trying something new. That I see is something that happens with our government they may try a new path regarding something, and it might or might work.

It is like we are pawns in the game f chess, and it is those who is making the rules, and Just seeing if, and how we follow them. They watch us to make sure that we are doing everything we are suppose to regarding policies and laws. Democracy is a system of selecting policymakers and of organizing government so that policy represents and responds to the publics preferences. (Edwards, Wattenberg,& Eyeliners, 2008, p. 12). Democracy changes day-by-day and we all know that. What it nears for democracy is freedom, Justice, and peace. We are far from a peaceful world with all that has been going on regarding North Korea wanting to bomb the U.

S. Tit their nuclear weapons of destruction. Who could think about peace when there is some much going on in our country alone. The freedom of us Americans to do what we want, and be who we want to be is not true. We have the freedom of speech but sometimes we will get penalized for speaking our minds or voicing our opinions. Why say freedom of speech when you really have to watch what you say to officers of the law, court officials, Judges etc, I understand it may cause chaos if we all could say what we really want to those certain people, but it would feel good.

The freedom to be who you want is not the case either in our government cause we are all different and some are homosexuals some people practice a different religion. Many get penalized or ridiculed for being different like a homosexual, or being a Muslim. The fact is these are human beings too and not everyone will be the same all the time. The way we view everything is how we manage to make the best of things, and sometimes that can be hard from the world we live in. We do have choices in life that defines who and what we are, but many people will not see it the same way.

Our constitution is nation’s basic law “it creates political institutions, allocates power within government, and often provides remunerates to citizens. ” (Edwards, Wattenberg, and Eyeliners, p. 2). In my opinion as it states in the Government in America in order to understand the government and the laws you first have to understand the constitution. There is nothing that I would change about the Constitution because it does back up us Americans in most situations. The Constitution is made of laws that all must follow even the political leaders.

The three branches of power which are Judicial executive and legislative all have an effect on how we live. No branch has more power then the other and they call this checks and balances. This is something that I may argue about. Only because with all three branches executive which is the president, executive office of the president cabinets departments, and other independent government agencies. Judicial is the courts Supreme court, district court and court of appeals. Last, legislative which is Senate, Congress, House of Representatives these are the ones who come up with laws to get them passed or not.

They can also veto a bill that the by Judicial. This is something that I would change because why can’t all branches have a say about a new law or bill. WSDL that be unconstitutional if that were to append? The Bill of Rights is the basically the first ten Amendments of the Constitution which defines certain liberties as freedom of speech, religion and press also guarantees a defendants’ rights. (Edwards, Wattenberg, and Eyeliners, p 2 Chi. 4). This is something I have mentioned before we all have freedom of being whom and what we want to be, but that is sometimes not the case.

Example the right to gay marriage this has been going for awhile now. It says we have our freedom and we all have “equal rights” but many still cannot be who they want because of our government and society. Civil Rights have been a major part of history with many Civil Rights leaders who were making a difference. Getting treated unfairly was the downfall regarding African Americans especially in the slavery days. It took a lot of boycotting and fighting for African Americans to be equal. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X they have all made a difference concerning the rights of African Americans.

Today many African Americans are proud of who they are and acknowledge what their people had to go through. The only thing that I would change is how African Americans were treated in the past. If many situations in the past didn’t happen they would have to rewrite history. Voting has become really important because we as Americans want to select the right person to make a difference. As mentioned before we have this right to choose who we want but will we see any change. That is the question and that is why most people do not even vote any more.

The reason is because they do not care and they are tired of false hopes from these candidates. They debate about what they are going to do better for the country or state, but their delivery is nothing. I feel that concerning elections the Edie hypes it up to Just get more and more people to consider voting. It is a choice if a person wants to vote, but how elections go today you never know what is up their sleeves. Congress has played a major role in our government these are basically are policy makers. As mentioned The House Of Representatives and the Senate is what makes up Congress.

These are the ones who are in control of certain things like Medicare, Social Security and nuclear missiles etc. Congress tasks have become more difficult each year. From the way the world is and how much changes occur each year Congress has their hands full. The House of Reps is the lowest of Congress and the Senate is the highest. Under the U. S. Constitution, the house has the power of taxation, the power to create bills authorizing federal fund expenditure. These powers are accorded to the House and not to the Senate. Under the U. S.

Constitution, the Senate is accorded the power of approval over some of our President’s appointments to government posts. They also ratify foreign treaties and try all impeachments. The interesting thing about House and Senate is that Senate has the least power of House but serves a term of six years versus House who has cost power and serves a term of two. Our President and his duties to serve our country many believe that the President has all the power. That is not the question there are many people that the President must go through in order to make things happen in the country.

I feel that regardless the President is the one who is running our country. We put our faith and belief in him to make us Americans feel safe and because everything falls on him to try to make it better for the American people. Our daily lives revolve around the federal bureaucracy everything we do involves it as ell. The bigger picture concerning bureaucracy is that they do make sure that we are taken care of as far as making sure our food is safe to eat or if our public transportation services are running effectively.

The down side to the bureaucracy is how they control us Americans and we don’t even notice it. From what we watch on television to our activity on the internet they monitor what we do. It sounds crazy but it is the truth because behind everything there is always an agenda to keep us entertained. We have the Judicial branch for all laws and legal situations in our overspent as mentioned before the Judicial branch is made up of the Supreme Court, district court and court of appeals.

This is where all rulings are final in the Supreme Court most cases will never get to the Supreme Court because it is less important. There are many things that people would want to change regarding the judicial system. Such as many people do not get a fair trial, most Judges abuse their power. This is Just of the things that I would want to change to make it better. There are so many criminals walking the street because our system deemed them not guilty hen they really were. Then have the innocent locked away.

Something has to change regarding issues like that. Our government is what it is and I am proud to be American, but some things are not fair, and I wanted to explain that about each topic. I cannot make any changes but it is something to hope for. The future of our children is what is important and who knows how our government will be by then. Reference: Edward, G. C. , Ill, Wattenberg, M. P, and Eyeliners R. L. (2008). “Government in America: People, Politics, and Policy’ (brief 9th deed. ). New York, NY: Pearson Education.

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