Democracy Century Europe Assignment

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Ashley: Baron De Nonentities Wrote The Spirit of Laws, his most famous work, emphasizing the importance f separation of powers. He said French Society was divided into ‘trial political’ the monarchy, t he aristocracy, and the commons. He also said two types of government existed, sovereign a ND administrative. He believed that administrative powers were divided into the executive, judicial, and legislative. He stated these powers should be separate from one another and dependent on each other.

This stopped one power from becoming too strong , which was a radical theory because it eliminated the feudal system. Nonentities believed the focus shouldn’t be on individual people or events. He believed that success did not come by chance, but rather the rulers having a plan to be guided by. Nonentities also believed that a monarchy was too sensitive because it could be directly affected by accidents. Victoria: Jaundices Rousseau Jean Jacques Rousseau was the philosopher Of enlightenment and one Of the most important theorist of the ideal of democracy.

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Rousseau published a book called The Social Contract. In the book, his main concepts were freedom and equality. He states that the la was only function if everybody benefits from them, and that the laws are set and agreed by the people. He also states that the political community should provide the same conditions and RI get for everyone. Rousseau emphasized that the natural condition of humanity is disguised by a corruptive civilization meaning that the citizens are born with certain rights and govern .NET should not be able to take those rights.

He believed in direct democracy in which everyone e voted to express the general will and to make the laws of the land. Mayday: John Locke Who was John Locke? He was a British philosopher who rejected the idea that Kings had a divine rig HTH to rule. Instead, Locke developed a theory which argued that people are the source of power Developed American Democracy Believed people are born with certain natural rights: life, liberty and property.

Government can not take away these rights Argued:lefts government failed to protect our natural rights, then the people e had the right to replace the government OTHER NOTES French philosopher, Voltaire thinks that “The best government seems to be the at in which all ranks of men are equally protected by the laws… ” ; John Locke: “When legislators try to destroy or take away the property of the people, r try to reduce them to slavery, they put themselves into a state of war with t he people who can then refuse to obey the laws.

Chloe: English Civil War (16421651) King Charles l, at the beginning of his reign, signed the Petition of Right ensure Eng a tax limit for the subjects of the English crown and protection against unlawful imprison moment among other things. However, being the supreme ruler, King Charles I claimed divine right and disregarded his promise and proceeded to do what he wanted. What he want De happened to include spending ridiculous amounts of money on entertainers and art. When Scotland invaded England, King Charles I needed money from Parliament after spending g the entire royal budget on frivolous commodities.

When Parliament refused to supply C Harlem I with the funds, he had members arrested for treason against the crown. The subjects of the English Crown split into two groups, Royalists (Cavaliers) who supported King Charles and the Parliamentarians (Roundhead) who supported Parliament.. The war cost En gland 3. 7% of their population, Scotland 6% and Ireland 41%. This could have been avoided if power was spread equally throughout the government as a democracy would have ensure De. However all authority was centered in the king.

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