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This paper analyzes a researched experiment conducted by Graham, Nose k, and Haiti in 201 2 that suggests how morally exaggerated the extreme left and right wings are, and how different the people see their define actions from what they are truly meant to be Both conservatism and liberalism are compared to libertarianism in this paper to see how closely related and how different they are from a middlemen. Conservatism and liberalism are define d many different times throughout this paper from different sources with different opinions. Both liberalizes and conservatives wish to achieve the same goals for humanity y both parties want equality, prosperity, and the smallest amount of suffering imaging able (Crossing). Both sides of the political spectrum believe in the “middle class” as well as a n deed for equality of opportunities and a hierarchal organization system (Internet, wordless. Mom, 2013). Although the two political systems have some similarities, the two systems represent “l oft’ and “right’ wing views the opposite sides of the political spectrum (Internet, student shadily. Com, 2005).

According to Princeton University, the definition of a liberalism is “a person who o favors a political philosophy of progress and reform and the protection of civil liberties Liberalizes, or democrats, believe in government action to achieve equal opportunity and CEQ laity for all (Internet, sustainability. Com, 2005). Equivalently, liberalism beliefs admit the at the role of the overspent is to guarantee that no one is in need, and democratic policies epically emphasize the need for the government to solve problems (Internet, sustainability. C mm, 2005).

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The definition of conservatism, according to Merriment’s, is “belief in the value of established and traditional policies in politics and society. ” Members of the co insinuative party, or republicans, prefer smaller governments and more individual accountability y (Crossing). Their beliefs include less regulation and government spending, as well as the I deal that charity is the responsibility of the people (Internet, differ. Com, n. . ). The role of the gob ornament, in conservatives eyes, is to provide the people with the freedom to seek their owe n goals (Internet, studded. Com, 2006).

Since conservatives and liberals generally focus on their differences in order t o maintain their distinctiveness (Internet, wordless. Com, 2013), it is not challenging for t he people to 4 believe that these two political spectrums are polar opposites (Crossing). Mo SST often, the gap between the two political ideas is so exaggerated that it is viewed as extreme (Crossing). Oftentimes, members of either party will magnify and distort the moral belief of their own political alliance (Internet, livestock. Com, 201 2) and broaden the ignorance of the real distinctions between the groups.

Jesse Graham, a psychologist at the University of Southern California, conduct De a researched study with other study researchers to find out just how sewage rated the two parties’ moral beliefs have become (Internet, livestock. Com, 2012). During the e study, the group asked volunteers to fill out surveys and base their answers thinking as a ‘topic al liberal” or “typical conservative” (Internet, livestock. Com, 2012). In the course of this SST dud, Graham mound a clear pattern everyone exaggerated the distance between liberal and conservative morals (Internet, livestock. Mom, 2012). “People’s moral stereotypes were eve en more polarize than the actual differences between chloroformed ‘extreme’ liberals and ‘extra conservatives,” said Graham, after calculating the results of his experiment (In tern, livestock. Com, 2012). “Contrary to common theories of stereotyping, the MO oral stereotypes were not simple underestimations of the political out group’s morality. Both Ii verbal and conservatives exaggerated the ideological extremity of moral concerns for the ungrouped as well as the outgrip. , stated the research’s abstract (Graham, Noose, Haiti, Internet 2012). All Of this information leads to the conclusion that the gap between the two p lattice spectrums is not as large as it is assumed but the “typical” liberal or conserve dive amplifies and misrepresents the customs of both the democrats and the republicans (Crisis anger). However small or large the void may be, the distance between is definitely the re. The 5 differing opinions and opposing viewpoints that rise from both parties expose the gap in agreement.

The endless amount of topics that the two groups disagree on is endless: abortion, the death penalty, education, embryonic stem cell research, physiotherapist’s sue side, gun control, health care, etc. (Internet, sustainability. Com, 2005). Commonly, the liberal I side of the argument is more precipice and the conservative side is more safeguarded a ND traditional (Crossing). In layman’s terms, a liberal is someone who advocates change an d new ideas, and a conservative strays away from change (Miserly, Internet 2012). Between these two political ideas of liberalism and conservatism is libertarian ism.

Many times confused with either of the two extremes, followers of libertarianism be vive that “the government’s role is to protect personal and economic freedom, including thou SE of minorities, and that the government should only include defense against foreign Minnie s, holding people who cause harm accountable, and providing for general order (Internet, Jimmie year. Org, n. D. ). While both liberalizes and conservatives believe in making the world a better p lace and participating in moral leadership, libertarians believe that morality is personal (Internet, jimmied. Rig, n. D. ). With all of the laws put in place to keep society standing Cree dated by liberalism ND conservatism, libertarianism believes only harm to others should be illegal al (Internet, jimmied. Org, n. D. ) which is a defining factor against the left and right wing (Crib singer). In essence, both liberalism and conservatism have the same goals in mind CEQ laity, prosperity, and an end to struggle but neither party can agree on which way I s the right way to achieve these goals.

Whether it be with as little government interference as p Seibel or as much government interference that is achievable, both of the opposing parties have the peoples’ best interest in mind. 6 Conclusion While both conservatism and liberalism yearn for equality and prosperity, boot h sides of the political spectrum have different ways of maintaining their good fortune. Neither party agrees with the other on many things, and so it becomes even more difficult to agree on ways to obtain the mutual goals that the parties both demand.

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