Comparative Public Administration Assignment

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It is believed that through Comparative Public Administration hypotheses, generalizations, models and theories can be constructed which can collectively help in the scientific study of Public Administration. The. Old orthodoxy of principles of administration is not considered valid anymore and therefore now it is believed that generalizations relating to administrative structures and behavior emerging nations and cultures can help in formulating out of comparative studies in dif-??rent theoretical constructs which can provide a scientific basis to the study of Public Ministration.

It may be mentioned that way back in 1947, a very eminent political scientist, Robert Dahl had observed that a science of Public Administration cannot be conceived of without adopting a comparative approach. , The sludgy 01′ Compared-??eve Public Administration also constraints to P greater understanding of the -??individual characteristics of administrative. Systems functioning in different nations and cultures.

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Besides, comparative studies also help in explaining factors, responsible for cross-national and cross-cultural similarities as well as differences in the administrative systems. The second important function of Comparative Public -??administration relates to its relevance to the empirical world. Throw-??h study of-?? o m -?? a r a t ‘Public Administration, a vi administrators, policy makers and academicians can examine causes for the success or failure of particular administrative structures and patterns in different ornamental settings.

It is interesting to find out through comparative analysis as to which important f environmental factors help in the promotion of and-??insensitive effectiveness and which t administrative structures function appropriately and successfully in what type of I environmental settings, Lastly, an administrator or policy maker can, through comparative studies o I liable Administration, have greater insight into the prints and classics of ‘ administrative reforms.

He can look at the structures of administrative reforms adopted by , various nations and examine those strategies and methods which can be helpful in his own ‘. Country. In other words, through (imperative Public Administration, we learn about the Fenestration practices followed in various nations and then we can endeavourer to adopt those practices which can fit in our own nations and systems.

The importance of Comparative Public Administration lies in its academic utility in terms efficiencies and systematic study of Public Administration and in spraying the knowledge about other administrative systems so that ‘appropriate administrative reforms and changes can be brought about in different nations.. ‘1 ‘ 9 Check Your Progress 3 , Need: I) Use the space below for your answers. I’) Check your answers with those given at the end of the unit. 1) What is the scope of Comparative Public -??administration?

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