Chinese Communism DBQ Assignment

Chinese Communism DBQ Assignment Words: 464

One obvious relationship and similarity between peasants and communists is their hatred toward landlords. Direct evidence including instructions to local party officials (Doc 5) and a photo from Zinnia news agency (Doc 9) show the communists Obvious bias t o the peasants. The communists even created laws to overthrow the landlords, like the Agrarian R form Law (Doc 8). The peasant’s hatred was so strong in fact, that they violently threatened t he landlords to get back all grievances (Doc 6). The common sits were also confident and excited with the peasant event that would overthrow landlords (Doc 1).

The communists organize d struggle meetings shown in a photo where peasants humiliated former landlords (Doc 9). This photo, however, was shown only because it was allowed by the Chinese government, which at the time was communist. The Communist Party in China also assisted the peasants greatly in the war gag mains the Japanese. They provided constant support to the peasants during the fighting and organized local “guerrilla units” (or independent fighting groups) to fight back against the Japan nose (Doc 3).

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They constantly fueled the peasants fighting by giving reports on the Japanese e military actions in Northern China (Doc 4). However, this document was written by the Communion SST party and they wanted to emphasize the extreme acts of the Japanese. The communists real zed and responded to the fact that the peasants were most important in the war by commanding local party officials to assist, support, and improve the living conditions of the peasants (Doc 5). E essentially the peasants fought, and eventually defeated, the Japanese because of assistance hey received from the Chinese Communist party.

Simply put the communists made life for the Chinese peasants better. As men coined above they helped the peasants defeat Japan in the Second World War, and assisted in the overthrowing of landlords in China. There were even more acts however, that bettered the ivies of peasants including the introduction of new marriage laws allowing for free marriage (D co 7). They also gave peasants free school, world news, food, and more (Doc 2). This document t however, may be biased toward the communists because the teenager may not remember ever well the time before communism and this may be all he knows.

Another document which would h alp shed light on the relationship of peasants and the communist party is a journal entry from a landlord recounting a struggle meeting. This source may offer a different view on the r legislations, and explain in more detail what occurred at these gatherings. Therefore the documents support that peasants and communists both dislike d landlords, that communists assisted the peasants in the Japanese war, and overall gave t he peasants a better life.

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