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Fifth media is censored people to lose their b Asia rights to freedom of speech, governments could turn into dictatorships, and can stop t he progression of the humankind. Freedom of speech is something that is often a blurred line and censorship ca encroach upon peoples rights of speech. The idea of censorship of information n by the government. If the government is censoring information from the public boo t controversial or damaging matters, people can not receive all the information they require in order to make accurate judgments on the sensitive topic.

The consequences of this are that the views of the public are ultimately controlled by the government and therefore hold no restraints. Under the United Nations charter of human rights, article 1 9, “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without I interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and erg artless of frontiers. ” (UN. Org). This states that everyone has the right to receive and expo sees their thoughts and ideas, on any topic, through any media.

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Some say that life com sees before redeem of speech and It is not viable to let people or companies produce me did that is harmful to others. (debate. Org). Even James Madison, who was responsible of r creating the US constitution’s protection of freedom of speech, said “it is often prudent to permit some abuse of freedom of expression in order to ensure that legitimate use of the r eight is not discouraged” (article 9. Org). This states that free speech should sometimes b e denied in order to promote the legitimate use Of it.

This directly implies that not every one’s ideas and opinions are valid or important enough to be heard and this is supposed to b determined by the government, which is the direct opposite of free speech and expression of ideas. Freedom of speech and free information is critically important in a well functioning bal once society. To take this away would violate human rights and peoples ability to express their opinions and rights. The idea of democracy in government and the ability to vote for your leaders has been fought over fiercely around the world.

People around the world have fought f or freedom for their entire lives and freedom can only come when people have access to all I information available in order to make informed decisions about what is best for them an d their country. An idea of free government was once stated by President Abraham Lincoln w ho said, “This nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom and that government of the people by the people for the people. ” What Lincoln was trying to say was that the govern meet of a free nation must be made up Of citizens and are there to serve the citizens Of the c entry.

If the government is censoring the information to the people then there is no cacao notability of whether their service to the people is honest and truthful. On the other hand some people say hat government censorship is a good thing when it comes to the well being o f a nation. If the government could deny information, if the government doesn’t allow terrorist m, socialism and 2 communism to be on the web they could stop them from ever happening as no one would know about them (debate. Erg). It is a common and undisputed idea by all, far and wide, that if no one ever speaks of something or knows nothing about it, then it fades unit I it ceases to exist. This can be seen similar to many cultures and languages in the past that are no longer known of or their languages dead. The idea that repressing all information of topic can cease it to exist is true, but where will the repression stop is the question.

Pre strident Harry Truman said “Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the e voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly y repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a c entry where everyone lives in fear. ” (ala. Org)Repression and censorship of information by t he government will give them the power to control our every move and will cease freedom as we know it creating a dictatorial government with no one to oppose them.

In the last century humankind as a whole has seen more evolution in techno ago and modern society then in the last millennia. Now anyone can get the news boo t anything reported on anaphora in the world with the click of a few buttons. If this flow of information was censored then people would not be able to share information freely and I ideas for progression would slow dramatically. If people don’t have the ability to seek al I information as they want, and if new creative works are not encouraged then society as a who ole cannot evolve. (debate. Org).

A modern example of this is scientists from Environment Canada were prevented speaking with the media about how a degree Celsius increase in temperatures worldwide might be unavoidable in the next century. ( stationmasters. Ca )After all their research and science was conducted, Environment Canada scientists attempt De to talk to the media about the serious dangers they had discovered, yet they were blocked by the government. This information is highly important for the people to have as it could have 3 radical effects on them in the years to come.

Some other people might argue that the people should only see cold hard facts instead of theories and opinions. This would h eave great effects as religion would no longer be able to be discussed and any scientific t harries would be shut down without any proof. With this people would only be able to hear things thought of as true without doubt. The only minor issue with this is the cold hard fact that if scientific theories were not allowed there would be no scientific progressions ever as it would all have to Start with a theory and they would not be allowed to share these in order t o gain data.

Also it might have the effect of enraging every religious person on the planet who would no longer be able to share their beliefs causing mass tension and possible uprisings. HTH s all goes to show that prevention of information by the government would stop society a ND the modern world from progressing and evolving. All these arguments show that if the media is censored people to lose their baa sic rights to freedom of speech, governments could turn into dictatorships, and can stop p the progression of the humankind.

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