Celebrity Culture And Media Assignment

Celebrity Culture And Media Assignment Words: 365

Culture and Media For sure, the role of the game in recent years has been changed, Celebrities no longer rely solely on traditional media, but their needs has expanded to the social networks such as Twitter and Face book and others. In second hand, in the Media and internet we can find the most intimate details of the lives of celebrities, even we can say that the privacy will be destroyed, and it seems like any one cannot do anything about it.

We cannot recognize the bility of the press and other media when they are polishing his image of celebrity and presented in a dramatic way, and ultimately aim to increase financial gains. “Believing that what lies behind the surface of the professional image of the celebrity is authentic and real. He argues that the authenticity sought by audiences is established or constructed in media texts by use Of markers that indicate lack of control, lack of premeditation and privacy. These return us to notions of the truth being behind or beneath the surface.

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The surface is organized and under control, it is worked out in advance, it is public”. Did you know that the Yellow Pages newspapers, has a massive sales? And why is that? Just because people want to pursue the life of their Celebrities and legends and they want anything violates the stereotype image which was created by the media in their heads already. There are media seeking to publish scandals of celebrities and they consider it as their audience’s right, of course, the aim is to increase sales at the expense of ome people and their personal lives.

But there is also a media to polishing and maintenance of the celebrities’ reputation. And the audience or the fan is always the victim, where they withdraw his money from his own pocket, without knowing what the game is. Case study: Achabaka Magazine The Lebanese Achabaka Magazine is the most famous Arabic magazines since the fifties of the last century, where it built a reputation on the publication of celebrity news and this was the weekly meal for its readers.

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