Capitalism Simulation Assignment

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These include, limiting resources, appealing to self- interest and merging companies to create higher profit. To begin, the different companies were: metals, plastics, labor, transport and fasteners. The team that I was on was the transport team. We used the limited resource strategy; this meant that we did not trade any more than we needed to. Once we had what we needed to make a good amount of money, we shut down all deals and kept our resources to ourselves. We did not make any trades that disadvantaged us. We stopped all sales until everyone else had no widgets to sell left.

This left us with the opportunity to sell our widgets at full price. Transport holding back, and not trading or selling, caused a lot of irritation within the other companies towards us. Many teams used the strategy of appealing to self-interest. Almost all of the teams would begin with the same question “what are you looking for? ” from there we would respond with the same question. From there, a deal would be made that benefited both groups. Some teams would be sure that they had a higher benefit for themselves, and if this was not the case m than hey would back out and not make the trade which was in their self-interest.

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In the end, there was a move made that turned the whole game around. Since the Transport team was holding all of their resources in order to sell the widgets at 100% value, the other teams decided to make a move that had net ever been seen in the game before. They decided that instead of buying from Transport (because at that point transport had no more widgets so no reason to withhold sales, they had opened up to change their strategy and sell as much to make as many widgets as Seibel) the other teams did not want to do business anymore with Transport and they amalgamated to become on team known at the “coalition”.

This caused this now huge team to have more money than the Transport team. There was a bit of a discrepancy in numbers when it came to the audit. I feel that this might have been just because of miscalculations in the numbers, or even misunderstandings in the trading/selling. I think that if we had tokens that represented our resources, these mistakes could have been easily avoided. It would also be a way to avoid any cheating thin the game.

Something else that could make the game a bit more challenging is if in the end there is a value set for the resources collected, because technically the resources are assets and should be evaluated in the value of a company, not Just their revenue. This simulation was a lot of fun, seeing how different people react in this situation, goes to show us all how it works in the “real world”. Different companies use different strategies to assure gain, keeping power and having resources. Capitalism Simulation By crooks

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