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Before Perils came, the Athenian leaders Solon, (59459 3 BCC) Postscripts, (546 BCC) and Calisthenics (507 BCC) laid the groundwork that serve d as the foundation for Perils’ well known democracy. However, Postscripts does not truly deserve the title “Father of Democracy”‘ due to some of his actions; or better yet, lack of AC actions as leader. (Couture) What qualifies one to be called the “Father of Democracy? ” A father is usually considered the head of a family and the main leader, which in some cases, m sakes Perils the father.

However, the entire reason that makes a man a father, is his family. Wi thou the family, a man wouldn’t be deserving of the title “Father. ” The family in this case, is the p revises Athenian adders Solon and Calisthenics. This is why all three leaders: Solon, Clementine s and Perils are deserving of the title “Father of Democracy. ” Because without one another the re would have been no democracy. (Couture) First and foremost, the starting point of Athenian Democracy was Solon.

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During Eng his reign, Solon rewrote Dorado Law Code and turned it into the constitution. The constitution created set laws which any stable democracy needs. Solon also created four CLC asses based on wealth as opposed to heredity. This was fundamental to the creation Of demo Cray because it eave the Athenian citizens the opportunity to move up in society and create a better life. Even though classes aren’t technically considered democratic, it was one step in the e right direction. In addition, Solon created a Jury system, as well as the council of 400.

Although t he council of 400 only gave the three highest classes the option to participate, it still provided sic tizzies with a voice in decision making which created more of a democratic environment, because e one main goal of a democracy is providing every citizen the power to express their opinions in a f IR, equal and just manor. (Couture) Next, Calisthenics built upon Solon’s earlier administration . Unlike Postscripts who just continued Solon’s policies, Calisthenics reformed them.

One of Calisthenics’ grog tastes reforms was changing the Council of 400 to the Council of 500. He also tried to make it fair by selecting the Council randomly. Just by the sheer act of changing the number of people allow wed in the council, and random selection, opened the council to more citizens, therefore moving the community one step closer to a fair democracy. However, Calisthenics overlooked one flaw in is plan to make the Council more equal. Although it was chosen randomly, the wealthy citizen s wound up obtaining almost all of the spots.

The less fortunate citizens could not afford t o quit their jobs in order to join a Council that offered no pay and required all their time. Despite this, Calisthenics did set a platform for an equal council that succeeding leaders could use as a foundation for later democracies. Calisthenics also made sure there was a representative from each h county that was elected by the people A representative selected by the people, for the people, gave even the sweet classes a sense of participation in the new democracy which was sup used to involve everyone.

In addition, Calisthenics eventually came around to establishing a did erect democracy. The direct democracy allowed citizens to have hands on involvement in the go Vermont by voting and expressing opinions. The direct democracy was a pure form of De Majorca because it gave everyone the option to participate. Under his rule, Calisthenics initiated o ostracism. Even though ostracism is not considered fair nor democratic, Calisthenics made sure e that before anyone as banished, the citizens of the cityscape would vote on whether to banish the e accused or not.

Which ironically, is actually democratic. Calisthenics also initiated the organize Zion of the previous cityscape into “towns” and “counties. ” This was one way he made tat en’s more organized and communal, which are traits of any well run democratic society. (Couture) Perils, was a fundamental aspect for uniting all accomplishments from past leaders, and creating what today is known as the Athenian democracy the first true democratic society. The main idea of a democracy involves giving equal power to he citizens.

One crucial reform Perils made was lessening the power of all aristocrats, and by doing so, ma De the classes more proportional. He proceeded to do this by allowing all juries, assemblies, and c nuncio members positions to be open to all male citizens. He revised Calisthenics plans for the council by now paying everyone to be a member. As a result of this, it no longer made a coins durable difference if one was dirt poor or filthy rich. Now even the most traditional resident, had the right, and ability to make a change in their society.

Thus by executing these changes, Per clues truly made Athens a democracy. (Couture) Furthermore, when a person is to look at any countries leader, whether past or present, there will always be flaws within their leadership. It is inevitable. Therefore who en one is to view a leader it is more important to view what the leader has accomplished to bet term his (or her) society. Which is why when looking at Postscripts, along with his accomplish nets, he does not qualify to be a “Father of Democracy. ” Postscripts continued Solon’s previous policies.

His one main economic change was reforming the economy. Instead of focusing on the e government and people, Postscripts spent his time and power to beautify the city and create nee w festivals. No well known atrocities occurred during his reign. Which is why it is surprising he did not accomplish more. Considering the fact that other leaders in history have had to deal with events such as war and an economic downfall, and still, monumentally improve their nation. (Cut Rene) Athens is known as the first true form of democracy. But like all great nations, it was not built in one day.

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