Arguments for Media Censorship Assignment

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Evaluate the arguments for and against censorship of Films and TV programs for children. Intro: Censorship of the media has both positive and negative aspects. In this essay I will look at censorship of children’s TV programs and discuss both sides of the argument. For censorship T. First let us look at why censorship is sometimes necessary. S. Many people believe that showing violence or sexual material on TV can have a bad effect on young children. E.

For example, they say that increasing levels of violence and sexual crime is due to young children watching this behavior at an early age and thinking it is natural. R. This is because children do not really know right from wrong and so can be easily influenced by what they hear rot see R. As a result they become violent or sexually aggressive later on in life as adults. Therefore if we want to help our children and our society we must protect them from such programs by censoring them. Against censorship T.

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Now let us look at why censorship may not be such a good thing. S. If we allow governments to decide what children should watch or not watch this would give them too much power over our lives. E. For instance, if they decide a program is not in the best interests of children or society they could simply ban it and no one could question why. R. So freedom of speech and the right to choose what you want to watch would be taken away from the people who are best to decide what children should, or should not watch,… Eire parent’s. (245) Conclusion: I believe that both sides are right. Some violent or sexually explicit programs should be identified by government but not censored. Parent’s should be warned that the program may not be suitable for children and that these programs should be on after pm when children are in bed. In this way parent’s become the censors of what their children watch and not governments. (310). T = Topic. S = Statement E = Example R = Reason / Result. Q = Qualifier Arguments for Media Censorship By hiders

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