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Such as the advancements in technology in our generation made the world a much smaller place, during this time in our countries history the exact same thing was occurring. Americans could now import and export our own products. The United States now traded, imported and exported with different countries and people throughout the world. One of the important strategic factors during this time of imperialism was being able to control other countries trading routes and in doing so in essence having the ability to control that country.

The bottom line of business is to make a profit and to maximize that profit, there was more money to be made and American businesses did capitalize on these new markets. People were making and selling their products all over the world. The foreign markets were growing stronger during this time as well, therefore giving us more opportunity to negotiate deals which would place our troops strategically all over the world. ; What were the benefits of America’s imperialistic actions for the people in these countries or areas? What were the disadvantages?

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How would you describe their experiences in terms of being conquered, assimilated, or marginalia? Disadvantages for the people in those countries. Imperialism occurs when a nation takes over other smaller nations and tries to control them for the purpose of either adding to their own resources, power, or to fill in another need that can be influenced through military force or diplomacy. The United States used its new power to pursue many goals. Some of the goals were to open trade with China, to build the Panama Canal, and to be able to police and enforce Latin America to protect American interest.

The people in those countries were in some cases, heavily exploited and in some colonies they were even given no rights to do anything even though America tried to give them modern culture. Also, it mostly affected the countries on the economic side when America took over them. Overall, the biggest advantage that the other countries had when America took imperialistic actions was that in most cases the United States was actually liberating those countries especially from control from other empires. Later, America would set those countries free after they were able to purport themselves.

A lot of funds and many lives were spent Just to be able to make those lands free. ; What were the moral implications of American imperialism? How did Imperialists justify their actions? How did the Anti-alienists Justify their position? Consider the role of race, economics, science, and religion. The moral implication of the imperialist is that they could not hurt anyone. Their motto was that they would “speak softly and carry a big stick”, freeing darker skinned people and their oppressions and turning them into successful business.

They decided that their plan is to annex the Philippines, Puerco Rice, and Guam. Their decision was thought of and really was for a purpose. The Imperialist said and justified their decision by stating that these places were too weak to govern themselves. In the other side there was another group that debated their decision called the Anti- Imperialist league. This group was formed by people like Andrew Carnegie, Samuel Compeers, Mark Twain, and James Addams. They stated that the actions of the imperialist will create a big problem in the U. S.

They said that the annexation of the Philippines, Puerco Rice, and Guam will cause a flood of immigrants and cheap labor. At the same time they also said that they will consider the chance of them becoming more superior to the American Civilization and the White Race. But the Imperialist also did this for these reasons, to access overseas markets, to spread Christianity, and Geopolitical power. United States as an empire and world power? In the summer of 1898, the United States fought Spain in one of the shortest, one- sided wars in modern history.

The war represented a powerful resurgence of the amen doctrine of Manifest Destiny that had led the United States to expand westward by defeating Mexico in 1846-48. This impulse toward imperialism took place as major European nations were establishing colonies throughout Africa. As a result of the Spanish-American War, the United States became a world power that controlled an empire stretching from the Caribbean Sea to the Far East (The Spanish American War. R. A. Guppies. ) The war began in the Cuban struggle for independence from Spain. The U. S. Felt sorry because of the way the Spanish forces were portrayed in

American newspapers. However, because the U. S. Has over 50 million dollars invested in Cuba, their independence was of value to America as well. The formal peace negotiations took place in Paris, beginning on Cot. 1, 1898. The American representatives had committed themselves to an expansive imperialistic policy for the United States. Spain granted Cuba its independence, and the United States was given Puerco Rice and Guam. The United States, in contrast, gained an empire. The flush of victory was soon dissipated, however, and the nation became fiercely divided ever the matter of imperialism (The Spanish American War.

R. A. Guppies. ) ; Do you think the United States is currently an imperialist country? Why or why not? The United States became and imperialist country back in the late sass and it has stayed that way ever since. The United States has pursued to try to be the most powerful country in the world with the biggest armies, contact with other countries by trade and forces stationed permanently throughout the world. Stationed armed forces throughout the world are there to stay due to the fact that we got involved hen there was a problem happening at the current place.

From Afghanistan to Iraq or South Korea, we have armed forces there and they will never leave from there. Like they say you break it you buy it so America got involved in international affairs and we bought it. By doing this we benefited by having eyes in those places. We have a better idea of what is going on around the world because we need and want to know what is going on in the world. America has a connection with the whole world. America is seen as the best and the rest follow to try to keep up with us.

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