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Cyber attacks are dilemmas that can be prohibited. Subjoins A: There are many ways for the United States to be attacked by terrorists other than the bombings itself, they are called Cyber Attacks. Cyber Attacks are an attempt by hackers to damage or destroy a computer network or system. These are attacks that can affect us deeply because Americans today are becoming more and more dependent on the internet.

Though the government of America has much of It’s private Information recorded on paper, yes but much Is saved on the Internet as backup. With this, terrorist groups hire hackers or even study about computers to be able to launch a Cyber Attack that would help them steal and even look through the Information to give them an advantage. With them knowing the key aspects of the government that would help them to bring even more danger upon not only the government but also the Citizens and other Individuals that live here In our country.

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With cyber attacks it would lead to Cyber Warfare. Cyber warfare can be Like any other war, just because it isn’t being fought face to face or weapons being involved it is of high danger either way. With this,the enemies can find ways to hurt us as a entry, cause damage that would take years to recovers just like 9/1 1 . Which would cause wars amongst the nations/countries. As Martin C.

Libido from the RAND corporation states ” Because much of what goes on in cyberspace is invisible, what one state perceives as normal operating procedure, another could perceive as just about anything. ” With this he means even if one self may think what they put on the internet even with high security, others can use it for anything even if the person may think it’s harmful. The U. S. Has been receiving cyber attacks from china which has leaded us to enormous losses to U. S.

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